Thursday, November 22, 2012

on being thankful...

Another Thanksgiving and yet again I find myself being grateful for so many things in this life. I love this day not only for the really great meal we all share with the people that we love but also because it's a day to celebrate the greatest things in life and appreciate them. I believe in always being thankful for all that I have and never take it for granted but sometimes it's easy to loose that appreciation with what goes on in our everyday lives. Here is a little list of things I am grateful for:

1// My husband. Bobby is my perfect match. He is my ying to my yang. Wait what? No really he is so patient with me and puts up with all my craziness. He will go to store and grind me some fresh coffee beans when I run out just to insure I get my much needed cup of coffee. He puts up with my obsessive television show watching and doesn't take it personally when my voice turns demonic and I spit fire at him if he even utters a word or even gives me the side eye. He is always thinking of our little family and is a pretty awesome dad. Bobby works hard at everything he does and for that I am thankful. Blessed that I found a mate that completes me in every way possible. Through the good, bad and the ugly he stands by me with his hand in mine. 

2// Sebastian. This dude. He can be the most frustrating child in all the land and sometimes he has me banging my head against the wall with all his mischievousness but I wouldn't change it for the world. Sebastian has been working hard and is always trying his best to do what he should. I know it's not the easiest for him at times, that's why I know he is going to do great things in his life because no matter what he keeps at it. The kid amazes me still to this day and at times I almost think that he has a photographic memory. He can pick up something and just figure it out. I am thankful for Sebastian and all that he has taught me. I am always growing as a parent and as a person because of him. 

3// My dad. This is my favorite photo of my dad. I've learned so much from this man. He has had many hardships throughout his life but the one thing that he was always sure of was that his daughters are everything to him. He is strong, hardworking and a bit of a kook somethings (a lot of the time) and because of him I know that being honest and truthful to not only the people around you but also to yourself is what is most important to remember at the end of the day. My dad hasn't always agreed with my music taste or my choice of style or why I do the things I do and sometimes I get the cold shoulder or the side eye from him but no matter, I am thankful for standing by him. My dad is a great man. 

4// Bobby's family. My family. They are a huge bunch of crazies and I love them for it! I was welcomed into the family well before I become Bobby's wife and for that I am grateful. I came into their world all of a sudden and they accepted me for who I am. My mother in law and father in a law are always there for us when we need them. They are wonderful people. Every single one of them. 

5// Friends. I have so many people near and far that are dear to my heart. Thankful for each and every one of them. 

I'm thankful for the small things: coffee and a job full of it / this place to share things with you all / books / technology / the color mint / walking dead / moccasins / short hair / taylor kitsch / dream catchers / television / hot baths / cold mornings and cuddles on the couch / big glasses and stretched ears / memories! 

Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo. 


  1. nice list and thankful also for YOU! My other brain..Love the lip color on your lips, What is it> MIL

  2. fabulous list. Your small things list is a hoot! love you!