Wednesday, October 03, 2012

on who I am...

I am...

...a brunette. I decided to go dark for the fall and winter months. I am in utter love yet again for my rich deep cherry brown hair! Hurrah.

...feeling a bit behind on sharing things here and over all behind on everything. It's funny because in reality I'm not really that behind on anything but it just feel like it. You know? Either way I'm determined.

...drum roll please, taking a trip back home to Seattle in a couple weeks. It was an all-of-a-sudden thing that happened and I'm happy it did. I have some really wonderful people in my life who have gifted me with so many blissful things that I can't but be forever grateful for who they are and what they bring to my life.

...pretty fed up with this ridiculous weather we have going on in Philadelphia. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Just make up your mind. No wonder I can't shake this nasty cold, because Mother Nature is playing games.

...sad to lose one very important person at work. She is moving on to bigger and better things, although what's better than working with me? She has been at my little coffee shop since the beginning and it has been hard. But you know what, you have to let them go. Let them spread their wings and fly away. She is pretty much my bff around here so all is well and the best part is she still works a skip and a step away which makes all this better (sort of).

...excited that it's October. Have you put up your Halloween decorations yet? I'll be doing it this weekend. It's basically the only holiday I really decorated for.

...adoring some new shows on the television. Revolution was one that I wasn't anticipation on watching yet I caught the first episode and fell in love. The only reason it caught my eye is Bella's dad (Billy Burke) from Twilight is one of the main characters. I know, a super nerd thing. Also hooked on 666 Park Avenue and there's only been one episode so far! Gahhh. I am dying for next week for that is when all my favorite shows will be back in my life. Plus Glee is awesome. Okay enough of that because everyone knows I can just go on and on.

...telling you that you must go see Hotel Transylvania. Best kiddie movie EVER. Sebastian loved it and has been nagging me to go see it again! Super funny for all ages. The movie brought laughter to the theater non-stop.

...lucky to have such a loving and supportive husband, for a healthy and thriving son, for people that believe in me, for pumpkin spice everything, for all the small things that keep life happy. And most of all I am beyond thankful for this place to share, create and be myself all the live long day :) Thanks.


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  1. such a fun and cheery post. love your new hair! Cannot wait to see it live and in person! :)