Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Watching: Vampire Diaries. I am freaking out that the new season starts today. There's going to be a whirl wind of things happening this new season with the main character Elena turning into a vampire! Plus I've been aware that there's some new characters joining too. I have been hooked to this show since before it even aired. I couldn't get into the books but am in absolute love with this show. Plus it helps that Ian Somerhalder is a complete babe. 

Reading: The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan. Book one is called Reason to Breathe and the second is Barely Breathing, which I am currently half way through. This series is a serious page turner about a young girl in high schooled named Emma who is living with a terrible secret. It's super gut wrenching and of course a sweet love story. You fall for the characters as well as feel terrified about the things that go on in Emma's life. Highly recommend it if you want a quick easy read that will have you investing a lot of emotion. I can't wait to finish the second book! I'm hoping my next book will be The Search for South Pole Santa :D

Thinking about: How much I want to be the best mother, wife, daughter, friend and person that I can be! I'm always challenging myself to do more and be more for all my loved ones. It can be stressful business but I wouldn't change that about me. For me it's what gives my life meaning and I'm not talking about the big things in life but the little things as well.  A text sent to say I miss you. Or a extra hug to a little boy who had a rough day. Or just thanking my husband for doing the dishes last night. I know so many people that don't do the small things and for me it feels so alien. I always think about how different I would be if I was showed more affection or if there was more love in my household. But honestly I think the lack of it growing up is why I am so passionate about love now. I know it sounds corny but really love is such an important thing for all of us to have and feel. Hurrah for love, showing love and feeling love. 

Looking forward to: SEATTLE! This time next week I will touch Seattle and I am jumping in glee about it all. I will be seeing my papa bear and little sister who I've miss more than anyone can really fathom. Seeing all my friends and celebrating a very important person becoming an author! This I can't wait for but other than that I'm just looking forward to just soak up as much time as I can with people that I miss. It is what my soul needs! 

Something new: I've starting to open earlier at work so most of the week I'm getting up at 5am and starting work at 6:30am. It's funny how people take pity on me when they find out that I have to wake up so early but in reality I actually think it's the greatest thing! I know...I'm not normal. I've always been a morning person so this is actually a bonus for me and because I start early I also get out earlier which is super sweet. I have a few hours to myself before I have to pick Sebastian up and it's been a treat to get some much needed errands done or slip in a manicure! Joy. 

Excited about: writting my first article on Living with Picky Eater on A while back I was confronted by a lady that I met a BlogHer who got me in touch with and here I am with my first article published on the world wide web. Eeeek! Totally amazing and super rewarding. If you are a momma you have to go and check this website out, so many fun things to read. Whenever I visit I get lost in all the article and best of all there's recipes! Like them on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. So so so excited about your article!! way to go! super impressed!!! xoxxoo