Sunday, September 23, 2012

on a little soccer player...

I grew up with knowing soccer. When you have a European dad who played hardcore soccer in the Army when he was a young fella it's hard not to know soccer. I grew up learning about all there is really to know about it and although I never played on an actually team, mainly because school sports teams weren't very enticing to me, there was no doubt that I could have been pretty good at it. It's one of those things that I think it just in your blood.
I got excited when my in laws decided to gift Sebastian with a season of soccer for this birthday this past July and yesterday was his first day starting on the field.

Before the actual soccer game they practiced running with the ball and kicking goals. There were some pretty great moments and some I even captured on camera...

YES! This is how my kid reacted when he made a goal. He is awesome! This photo is getting blown up, framed and put on a very important wall!
And then there were moments like this...

It's going to take some practice and some explaining that it's okay when the other team takes the ball from you. And that there is no need to get upset, you just have to go get the ball back (gently). He will get the hang of it and since it was the first day of it all I think he did a swell job. I'm a very proud momma over here and excited for the next Saturday to come especially since Daddy will be there!



  1. Can you fb me the air jump! mil

  2. Ok.... that jump is seriously impressive!!!!! This is too cute, wish I could go to a game!!!!