Saturday, September 08, 2012

on link love...

Today has been a day of getting caught up with things around the house. With Sebastian's full new schedule of speech class and preschool I am back to a five day work week. A-Okay with me! But having that extra day before to get caught up with cleaning and other things was a treat and now I am finding myself getting back to trying to fit it all in and also trying to enjoy what weekends are really for! So far so good and it totally is a great thing when you have yourself a really great kid. Other than all this I hope everyone's weekend is going as planned! Here are some links I've come across this week that I love...


I've been on Pinterest more than usual lately and came across this ladies Pinterst board and seriously can't even believe how awesome it is. And suddenly I don't feel so bad about being on Pinterest so much...just go ahead and look and you will understand.

Have you heard of the website Tiny Buddha? It's a great place to head on over to if you feel like you need some spiritual inspiration. A lot of the topics are simple ones that we all face in our daily lives but just being able to read about the topics and hear that these things are normal and even be given tips on how to make things easier on ones self is quite nice. I feel like people in this day and age don't express themselves enough and suffer the burden of whatever pains them. I always think we all should do what makes us happy and in order to do that we've got to be honest with ourselves. It takes courage sometimes but in the end it can be really worth it. I've learned this lesson numerous times!

Swooning over this Etsy shop. I love everything!

This wicked and crazy porcelain espresso machine is blowing my mind right now. Clearly it's a product made by a European! It's quite fascinating how it works.

Have you seen the new trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 that was just release at the VMAs by the cast? A shiver went up my spine watching it and now I'm even more excited for November 16th to be here!!

I've fallen in love with this cosmetic junkies website. This way I can keep up with all the latest raves. I can fall a bit behind on these things and I always feel like I get stuck in a rut with my cosmetics. I don't usually stray away from my everyday things. But lately I've been more adventurous with my lip glosses & lipsticks so that's a good start!

William -Sonoma has me inspired by all the lovely fruits & veggies that are in season for Fall. Go see for yourself and click on each item to view to-die-for recipes.



  1. okay seriously. that pinterest board is intense! 18,000 some pins! i'm amazed! Also, that trailers is SO EXCITING! I didn't even know it was out! thanks for sharing!

    1. Tell me about it Katy! The count down to November begins :)