Wednesday, August 08, 2012

on a NYC & BlogHer recap...

BlogHer 2012 came and gone. I think all of us who went are feeling like it went by in a blur. I know I am. It was beyond wonderful! I tried blogging on the whole experience as the days went by but failed miserably. At least I got two days in! Right? That's something? I felt like I was always somewhere doing something. I wanted to hit on a few of the key things that happened the last couple of day of NYC BlogHer 12.

For starters two words. Martha. Freakin. Stewart…Wait that's three. I thought Martha was an idol but after having lunch with her on day three I was blown away and now I just want to become her. She is so sweet and had a great way of staying her classy self with a hint graceful casualness. Let's not forget those purdy orange cropped pants and wedges. Hubba hubba! Since it was an interview sort of experience she answered all the questions in a way that had me hanging from every word! I didn't even manage to pick up my IPhone to snap a photo. Really that good people. I have a legit crush on Martha. Bless her crafty brain. 

The other key speaker at BlogHer was Katie Couric. Now, I'm not lying when I say that before seeing her sitting there in front of me I was totally ignorant to who she really is, of course I knew she was a news anchor but other than that not a thing. I was totally loving how open and personal she got with us, how down to earth she really felt to me. I learned that she is 55 years old and not even looking it or acting it for that matter. But really how do 55 year old act? That's silly. She has major tight biceps (thought that's important for all you to know). Smokin'! Plus I am totally going to be watching her new show on ABC. 

Aging young. That's what I felt the theme was for these speakers. Both Martha and Katie are aging young. The older they get the more young and vibrant they feel to us and are eager for more knowledge and to do more good in this world. They both spoke to all us bloggers as if we were one of them and they're words were super inspiring. I was humbling to have them speech in front of us and to be able to be involved in a history in the making. 

Other than hitting up session on learning about social media and learning about Google Analytics we adventured around NYC for some fun. Friday night we joined many others at the Helen Hayes Theatre were we saw Rock of Ages. HILARIOUS! I recommend it to all...well, other than small children. Music was hot and I was basically laughing the whole time. It was my first broadway show and totally worth every penny. Shout out to my dearest gem Tanya who stood for a good two hours waiting for half prices tickets while Julee and I were being bloggers in the air conditioned hotel. Props to you my dear!! 

Another first for me was a ride on a pedicab! NYC is full of them and it was a must to do it at least one. Very expensive but participating in that zig-zagging between cars and streets was no doubt well worth it. Fun! 

I've decided that BlogHer is my thang. I was overwhelmed with how fantastic the whole thing was put together and most of all how very kind and inspiring all the women I met are. I came out of there feeling loved and had a handful of new friends to connect with and a heap of knowledge that I cannot wait to put to use. BlogHer'13 is going to CHICAGO! Huzzah! I'll be saving every penny so that I can visit this massive community of women (and a few men) bloggers yet again.

Ps: one last thanks to Julee from My Happy Life by the Bay for making all this happen for me!! 

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  1. Wow sounds like it was a fun filled, inspiring trip to NY! A great experience .I always liked watching Katie Couric on the morning show she was on.
    What does a pedicab look like?
    So when I finally get a chance to travel to NY, you can be the tour guide..