Wednesday, August 29, 2012

on crisp sweet potato fries...

I can eat these every day of my life! No joke. I am in love with sweet potato fries and making them at home as been a treat. I swear I've made them at least three times in the past two weeks. Now, I don't know about you but I love my sweet potato fries crisp on the outside and tender in the inside. Well, I have a great way of doing just that and it can be done in the comfort of your own kitchen. Hip hip HOORAY!

All you need: 

A few sweet potatoes (two of them was plenty for us!) 
1/4 cup corn starch 
1/2 cup of corn meal
salt & pepper 
zip lock bag
olive oil

Peel and slice your sweet potato. I like my cut long and on the thicker side however not anything like steak fries. Once you cut them to your desired length and width then soak them in cold water for about an hour. This is a little trick when making crispy fries. By allowing the potato to soak, some of the starches release from the potato. This is a great because starch in the potatoes doesn't allow for moisture to escape so alas get the starch out and the result will be happy fries! Once they soak make sure you rinse them off and pat them dry.

Secret ingredients! A little corn starch and some corn meal. Coating your sticks with this mixture and I'm certain that those fries will be delightfully crisp. Just place corn starch and corn meal into a zip lock bag and seal the bag with some air in it. Shake it up before you place your sticks into it.

Place all your stick inside and shake what your momma gave ya. Just kidding.

Place them on a baking sheet in a way that they are spread apart with space in between them. If they are all bunched together don't expect them to become crisp. You might need a couple baking sheet or you can just do fries in batches.
Last step is to brush on some olive oil and add some salt & pepper and they are set to be put into an oven that's at 400 degrees.  Bake them for about 15 minute and then flip them with a spatula. Another 15 minutes and they will be done!

How gorgeous are they? I mean just looking at them and you can see how crispy they are! Try them out as a quick and easy side for any meal. You are getting this crispy texture without having to deep fry. It's a win win. Enjoy!



  1. Those look delicious! I'm going to try those this week.

  2. They looks so good, make them here some time!!

  3. Replies
    1. ARe you able to come to dinner on Sunday? Was thinking we could make them then, I have all the ingredients. I think Britt, would love them also...