Thursday, August 02, 2012

on being reunited...

Well, I'm here. I'm the big New York City. I rode the Bolt Bus down yesterday around 3 and didn't get here around 5:30pm. Of course we hit a little bit of traffic. But alas, I am here and having the best time of my life.

I've been reunited with these special gals. I am beyond thrilled to have my better halves by my side yet again. Last night we hit up a restaurant called Pazza Notte that we happened to stubble upon when walking down the street from our Hilton Hotel. It seemed like the happenin' place. It has people packed in so tight the place was busting from the seams with loud music and great Italian food. Our kind of place!

After that we headed on a walk to Times Square.
It's really cool seeing all those ordinary people in one spot and people who are from all over the world!
Julee and I are here for BlogHer '12!! It's our first time and we are flipping out. It is going to be so much fun and such a great learning experience. And let me just say our hotel is jammed with WOMEN. Holy Cow. I'll keep you all updated on the fun but for now I got to get me some coffee. It was only our first night and today we are on some more adventures. If you aren't following me on Instagram, do it know since I'll be posting like a mad man and showing all our NYC shenanigans :)

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  1. I am already following you on Instagram and it looks like so much fun! I would to attend a BlogHer someday. I started my blog a year ago, and I am a younger blogger. I love to blog, it is a passion of mine and I love reading your blog. I will be reading your blog and checking instagram to learn about your experience and to see what the BlogHer convention things are all about. How exciting!!