Wednesday, August 29, 2012

on crisp sweet potato fries...

I can eat these every day of my life! No joke. I am in love with sweet potato fries and making them at home as been a treat. I swear I've made them at least three times in the past two weeks. Now, I don't know about you but I love my sweet potato fries crisp on the outside and tender in the inside. Well, I have a great way of doing just that and it can be done in the comfort of your own kitchen. Hip hip HOORAY!

All you need: 

A few sweet potatoes (two of them was plenty for us!) 
1/4 cup corn starch 
1/2 cup of corn meal
salt & pepper 
zip lock bag
olive oil

Peel and slice your sweet potato. I like my cut long and on the thicker side however not anything like steak fries. Once you cut them to your desired length and width then soak them in cold water for about an hour. This is a little trick when making crispy fries. By allowing the potato to soak, some of the starches release from the potato. This is a great because starch in the potatoes doesn't allow for moisture to escape so alas get the starch out and the result will be happy fries! Once they soak make sure you rinse them off and pat them dry.

Secret ingredients! A little corn starch and some corn meal. Coating your sticks with this mixture and I'm certain that those fries will be delightfully crisp. Just place corn starch and corn meal into a zip lock bag and seal the bag with some air in it. Shake it up before you place your sticks into it.

Place all your stick inside and shake what your momma gave ya. Just kidding.

Place them on a baking sheet in a way that they are spread apart with space in between them. If they are all bunched together don't expect them to become crisp. You might need a couple baking sheet or you can just do fries in batches.
Last step is to brush on some olive oil and add some salt & pepper and they are set to be put into an oven that's at 400 degrees.  Bake them for about 15 minute and then flip them with a spatula. Another 15 minutes and they will be done!

How gorgeous are they? I mean just looking at them and you can see how crispy they are! Try them out as a quick and easy side for any meal. You are getting this crispy texture without having to deep fry. It's a win win. Enjoy!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

on sweet tunes...

Music is such a beautiful thing. It's there so we can dance, listen and brightens our days. I've been a music lover for as long as I can remember, I think my first real memory of music is sitting in my dad's work truck while out with him on a job site and listening to The Beatles. They were my first band that really got my attention and every since then The Beatles have been dear to my heart just for the memories that they helped create. Funny how music does that! We tend to always remember bands or even songs that represent special occasions in our lives. I always love when songs from our wedding come onto the radio and I get all warm and fuzzy from remembering that amazing day!
Every since I got my IPhone I've been obsessed over Pandora and all it's glory! It's brilliant and I am always so excited when I discover new music. Here are my most recent sweet tunes that I have been listening to on repeat...

some tunes by Anita Hulitza on Grooveshark
1\\ Glee Cast (Rachel Berry)- Don't Rain On My Parade // All Glee songs have been on repeat around here in getting ready for the new season to arrive. I can't wait to see what is in store!
2\\ Silversun Pickups- Common Reactor //  One of my favorite bands!
3\\ Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- Home // new tuneage that I adore. 
4\\ The Lumineers- Ho Hey // cannot get enough of this song. 
5\\ Vitamin String Quartet- Everything's Not Lost // this instrumental song has me staying relaxed on those hard live long days. Rock'n'Roll with a classical spin to it!  
6\\ First Aid Kit- Lion Roar // Swedish ladies singing. Lovely!
7// Lana del Rey- Video Games // Can't get enough of this ladies voice and unique style. 
What sweet tunes have you been listening to?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

on omelet pepper rings...

Yes indeed I hopped on the world wide web bandwagon and made some of these Omelet Pepper Rings and let me tell you it's become quite a favorite in our house. I've already made them the past couple weekends for breakfast! Today even! I gave my husband an option between Omelet Pepper Rings and homemade Waffles and he chose the pepper rings and that there tells you a lot about this fun colorful breakfast food.

Making these are a snap and there is so many different things you can do with them! Pick your peppers and cut them in rings. Place them in a frying pan that is coated with oil so they do not stick.

Pour your egg mixture into the pepper. Add whatever you fancy to your eggs. We've been keeping it simple with some onion, cheddar cheese and spices. Don't worry if the eggs seeps out a little. It will happen with some and others will be perfect. In the beginning I would have a fit when egg kept creeping out, ask my husband, not a pretty sight but I got over it.

Let the bottoms cook for about 2-3 minutes on low and then flip it gently to the other side to cook. It really took me only about 15 minutes to make a dozen pepper rings!

I ate them with the traditional toast and turkey bacon while my husband got creative and came to the table with this thing...

Now that is a serious MANWICH! With some four layers of pepper rings and turkey bacon in between on a roll will make any hubby a happy man. Try it out! Next time I'd like to do a mash-up of pepper rings and eggs benedict. Yes, I think that shall be my next endeavor.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

on this birthday of mine...

I'm twenty-four years old today! Hurray! Today is for snuggling on the couch, not doing a single chore around the house, spending time catching up on my favorite television shows, painting my nails and cooking food. This birthday is for relaxing!

on chia seed pudding...

Chia Seeds are my new favorite in the whole wide world! I've been seeing it all over the place and finally decided it was time for me to try this new superfood! So happy I did. After studying about Chia I've learn that these seeds come from southern Mexico. It's a seed that is stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and calcium! You can put them in just about anything from cereals, bars or smoothies. It's said that ancient Mayan and Aztec people used Chia for energy. Sweet mercy! Right up my ally. I'm totally digging these tiny little black seeds and for my first adventure with them I made a simple Cinnamon Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding. 

The cool thing about Chia Seed is that they swell. The best comparison I can give you is like tapioca. When they are mixed with any liquid whether it's water or milk the seeds create a gel like texture. The seeds swell and thicken up the liquid they're in hence the pudding consistency. 

serving 2
1 cup Almond milk (or any milk of your choice)
3 tablespoons Chia Seed
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1 tablespoon honey (or any sweetener of your choice)
1/2 tablespoon ground cinnamon 

Combine all ingredients together into a small bowl. I used vanilla almond milk but you could use anything that you like, also since my almond milk is already sweetened a little I just used a small amount of honey. Whisk mixture together.


Once whisked together put it in a glass or jar, cover it and set it in the fridge. It really only needs about 2-4 hours to thicken up but I let mine sit over night and was perfect by the morning to take to work. This recipe makes about two servings each measuring to be about 1/2 cup. I know looking at it might not seem like much but this pudding is really filling.

This is a basic pudding that you can quickly dress up with fruit or granola. I am so excited to have this new superfood added to my diet and looking forward to experiment with this wonderful seed! Oh and don't forget to keep your seeds in a Ziploc bag that you can push all the air out of and keep it in the fridge or even the freezer for a longer shelf life!

Have you made anything with Chia Seeds? I would love to hear about it! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

on kitchen inspiration...


I am always on the hunt for fresh new kitchen inspiration. Most of the time I already have a plan of action but other times I'm at a loss. I can get so irritated with some ladies I know who tell me that they can't cook. You can! Believe in yourself!!

Today I wanted to inspire all women especially the ones who need that extra boost of confidence in the kitchen. I love to cook. It's really not a manner of being able to cook but more of wanting too. I think people are put off my the number of steps or the photo that you see on the website or blog because they look so perfect and there's no way mine is going to turn out looking like that! Not true. There are so many fun and creative resources for all of us to take advantage of when it comes to making meals for our families. And no, you don't have to subscribe to magazines!

1// Pinterest. If you don't already know what Pinterst is then I'm sorry you're a lost soul...Just kidding! Basically it's a pin-style photo sharing social website. It's all done with photos which is great because of course, pictures tell a thousand words! Everything is set up into different categories which makes it simple whether its food/drink, crafts or beauty is all there at your finger tips. Not only do all the photo link right to the website or blog that it originates from but also you're able to "pin" things right to your virtual pin-board and keep everything organized however you'd like. Super sweet thing for us who have a need to have everything broken down. Like moi! I use Pinterest quite often but can also get tired of it very easily. Especially when looking for food inspiration it can get a little repetitive but I do always find myself coming back for more!

2// Foodgawker. This is by far, as of right now, my favorite website to find delicious meal ideas! The site is laid out similar to Pinterest although it only consists of FOOD. The photos on this site are a little more professional, taken with great cameras in artistic ways which for me is always more inviting! You can search for something specific or just browse around the most gawked at foods. You can favorite anything that pleases your lovely eyes. Once you favorite any photo it will be stored and you can come back to it at anytime, all you have to do is click on the photo and it takes you to the website or blog that the recipes came from. Beware sometimes you will find yourself at a foreign website/blog which is always discouraging even though you probably could take the time to at least translate the recipe but usually I'm too lazy for that! The best part is that Foodgawker even has a IPhone app that is so convenient for this busy lady who is finding that she is on her IPhone more and less on her MacBook. And I'll go totally off topic and tell you that they have a Craftgawker, Weddinggawker and Dwellinggawker! No joke people. I. Die.

3// Food Sense. This site is a collection of plant-based, vegetarian or vegan recipes. I do not consider myself any of those three things but I enjoy finding fun and creative ways to serve our veggies or incorporating more plant-based meals into our week. My family will never be vegetarian or vegan for that matter, it just won't happen but I am always health conscious and this is a great resource for just that! Also it's fun learning about cooking with certain foods instead of others. I always make it my goal to at least have one straight plant-based meal a week or more if my family allows it!

4// Obviously there are a bazillion food bloggers out there that are brilliant and each and everyone has their own twist to their food creations and that's why I love stumbling across a new blog. Here are my top four food blogs that I find myself always seeking guidance from:

    • Baked Bree. Bree is such a nice and warming person. Her blog is so pleasant to visit. She has all her recipes listed by categories which makes it simple to find what you have in mind. My favorite part is that she is such a down-to-earth gal with a family and someone I can relate too. All the foods and desserts she is creating in her kitchen are for her family! I was lucky to get to interview her right here on my blog, check it out to learn a little more about Bree and her blog. 
    • Noble Pig. This was my very first food blog that I happened upon!  Another family oriented and easy to navigate. This lady actually owns a vineyard and winery in the heart of Oregon. How cool is that?!
    • The Pioneer Woman. Really? Not much I have to say about Ree's spectacular website. She is such a talented women and I'm inspired by her everyday. I mean, heck she has her own television show! And let me just add that I was beside myself when I found out that Ree was at one of the vendors at BlogHer this year and I MISSED HER! Grrrr. Totally hate all the women that got a photo with her. 
    • The Comfort of Cooking. Another talented young lady who presents her foods and drink in a way that make you droll. No joke. Again all her recipes are all easy to find and get you motivated to make some yummy things in your kitchen. 

5// Also, since I became a proud owner of the IPhone I've been able to study and collect quite a few fun foodie apps that are really super useful when you need to figure something out for dinner...and fast! I was on my IPhone figuring out dinners towards the end of last week. With me working double shifts and overtime I was finding myself with no time at all to really sit down on my MacBook and do my usual meal planning. Instead I did all of it on my IPhone. What a lifesaver and my family is thankful since now I will be able to feed them. And the best part is that a lot of these apps tell you what need to go on your shopping list or just creates one for you! Here are some of my all-time favorite (free) IPhone (and maybe Android but not sure) food related apps:

    • Pepperplate. This is really cool! This app works hand in hand with Pepperplate's website. Basically it allows you do store all your online recipes in one place. You have to go to the website and load all your recipes and then BOOM it's at your finger tips on the IPhone. So cool. Pepperplate even has a neat little button you can put on your bookmark bar so that you can just click and add recipes that you come across. I am in love!
    • Better Homes and Gardens Must Have Recipes. Quick and easy recipes. I used this app the week before I left for NYC and found two great recipes that I prepared for my husband so he could just pop it in the even while I was gone.
    • Allrecipes. This app has a neat spinner. You can choose dish type, main ingredient and how long for it to take to make. For example, I can choose main dish, vegetable and slow cooker. Then you can view all the matches that come up under what you just chose. Very easy and straight forward. Plus it's just fun to play with the spinner. 
    • Whole Foods Recipes. I adore Whole Foods and the app allows you to type in ingredients that you actually have on hand and it will give you recipes to go along with it! I've used this when trying to put together a dinner meal with just a few things in my pantry. It worked and I ate! 

Hoping all this will help any of you that are always looking for ways to get creative with your cooking or just tools to cut down on time! For me it's definitely a helping hand while I work full time and juggle everything else us momma's got to do on a daily basis.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

on avocado chicken salad...

I make chicken salad often. It's delicious in sandwich form or just having it on some spring greens. Not sure why but I crave chicken salad more so during the Summer months and with the Summer slowly coming to an end I've been making more and more of my favorite Summer recipes like this Avocado Chicken Salad that I've come to love. 

--makes about four sandwiches
1 pound chicken breast 
1/2 cup Mayo 
1 avocado 
1/4 cup onion 
1/2 tablespoon celery salt 
salt & pepper to taste
2 tablespoons honey roasted sunflower seeds (not in photo)

First step to this amazing chicken salad is grilling your chicken breast. Put it on the grill outside or just on the stove top like me. I have a neat grill pan that I use.

While the chicken is cooking, chop up 1/4 cup of onions. I like sweet vidalia onions in my chicken salad, something about that sweet crunch when biting down makes me happy. Is that weird? But anyways, red onion is great it this salad too! 

 Let the chicken breast cool completely before cutting it into small cubes. Then add chopped onion, mayo and celery salt. Mix it up.

Here's my favorite part. Instead of just slicing the avocado and putting on top of sandwiches I actually mix the cut up avocado right into the chicken salad. Avocado in every bite is key and super yummy!! Then if you fancy sunflower seeds (because you know me I've been obsessed with adding sunflower seeds to ALL salads!) add them right in there as well. It's totally worth it. Add salt and pepper to taste. The celery salt has some salt obviously but I always add a little pitch of sea salt no matter what. Just put it to the test and taste it!  

Fresh slices of Italian bread with thick cut tomatoes and some greens and you got yourself a easy Summer meal. Whether it's for lunch or dinner, like for us last night it's nice to whip it up sit back and enjoy! I was surprised by how quick I made these sandwiches and with the extra time I had before we ate was dedicated to watching the season finale of Teen Wolf (i-can't-even-handle-it!). But let's not get into that :) Happy Eating!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

on a birthday wish list...

With all that's been going on lately I sort of forgot that my birthday is in one week! Wow. Where has the year gone? I feel like I was just asking myself the same question a few weeks ago when my little dude turned four. Time is flying by and although sometimes it's depressing seeing time just float away, I am super excited about the years ahead of me. Bring it on! I can only say this; I'm going to be turning twenty-four and rockin' that digit like no other :)
So to kick off the countdown here are some things that I've been swooning over-- a birthday wish list...

I have a slight obsession with Iphone cases and currently swooning over these two cases on an awesome new website I stumbled across- MochiThings. I love this case in Rose Pink. And then I'm sort of in love with this Iphone Wallet in grey.

Fall is around the corner and I'm in dire need of some new jackets. I totally fancy this leather jacket. And this jean jacket basically has my name on it, it's so cute and retro!

In need of some new things in my cosmetics bag! Eyeshadow. Lips. Face. Nails.

I already have one of these skull bracelets in black but now that I saw they have it in turquoise...I MUST have it!

Last but not least, this teal sweater. Adorable!

What are you swooning over lately? There's always something that I've got my eye on!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

on who I am...

I am...

...the same person but looking slightly different these days. Obviously I chopped a good chunk of my hair off. Short hair and loving it! And let's not forget my lovely new spectacles. Change it good and that's why I do it often. Oh and I'm a bit obsessed with shinny red lips!

...hoping to get back to using my Canon. Ever since I got my Iphone I've neglected my poor baby camera and have been using my Iphone for everything! I swear I have over a thousand photos on my phone already. Sheesh.

...finally feeling a bit more myself these past couple of days. After having some really crazy hectic weeks it's been hard to just be me. Although my next couple of weeks is going to be that much busier with working some overtime and trying to fit in extra projects, but none the less it's a kind of busy that I enjoy. complete peace on rainy days. Mostly because it reminds me of home. But also because I adore sitting on the couch with my boys, reading a book with a hot cup of tea in my palms and my body under a warm blanket. I crave for more days like that.

...also already looking forward to Fall. Cooler weather in turn means more baking in my kitchen! I do the least baking in the Summer months due to our apartment over heating. With only one air conditioner that basically has to be running all day on really hot days to manage making it cool enough for us to sleep in our bedrooms. Bummer I know but it's a small price we have to pay. Hoodie and scarf weather, I am ready for you!!

...coming to realize that there are people in my life that I am in need to just take a step back from in order to stay sane. I'm a huge believer in you being the one to create your own path in life. There's too much whining going on around me and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing it and tired of people trying to bring me down because they are miserable with themselves. Do you know what I'm talking about people? From now on I'm dealing with my life, my future and my little family. Amen.

...dizzy with excited about some new-found friendships!

...currently obsessed with a new set of bed sheets that I bought from Walmart. Of all places! I had no idea they have a Better Homes line of bedding and sheets and other things. These lovely floral sheets caught my eye and I just couldn't part with them. Plus it was only thirty bucks. How's that for a kick in the pants?! Love fun little discoveries like that.

...thinking it's hilarious that after I told my 19 year old sister that I listen to the following bands: Silversun Pickups, Passion Pit, Geographer, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Imagine Dragon. She called me a hipster...The End.

Friday, August 10, 2012

on being a newbie...

Since it was my first time attending BlogHer I was most definitely a newbie! I sure am stocked that now I can officially be part of the community. However I feel like after this past weekend I can share with all of you some lessons I learn while being one of the new gals...

1\\ Make business/blog cards! There is a reason this is number one. Holy cow. Truthfully I had no idea how important cards were until the first day at BlogHer as everyone was asking for my non-existent cards. I read on another newbie post somewhere out there in the  world wide web how cards were key and I even past the info along to my blogger bffs. For me, time slipped by and I found myself without cards (and mind you it felt like I was the only one in all the land) until my husband saved the day. After seeing how dramatically upset I was at being without cards he went right online to Staples and quickly made some cards with all my valuable info. He did a great job, a pure peach in my heart. He placed the order and I went right over to Staples Copy and Print store to pick them up that was just down the street from the hotel. Only took two hours! I was saved. Make cards. It really is the best way to get yourself out there, just hand 'em a card :) 

2\\ On that topic, bring something to keep all your cards in! I swear I was busting at the seams with cards here and there. Next time I will invest in a little business card holder. Maybe even have two, one for my own cards to pass out and another to keep all of the others that I have received. Another thing that I think I will do next time is scribble right on the persons card where I met them. Was it at the newbie breakfast or was it at the session Blogging for the Love of it? I felt at times some of the faces and people I met were a blur with everything that was going on. So, a little note to myself will do that way I can reconnect and have some sort of idea about the person and their interests or what we might have in common. 

3\\Bring a notepad and pen, Ipad or laptop. Next time I will probably carry my MacBook into each session. I think it would be so nice to just go right to the websites or blogs or resources that are being talked about and see them first hand. Then just bookmark them for later. Fast and easy and no forgetting anything. 

4\\ There will be lots of swag! With around 130 vendors you will be getting to knew a ton of fun new products or services. The swag is awesome but it can get to be a lot and heavy. I mean people were shipping all their swag home for goodness sake! I swear my swag bag weighed about 5 pounds. Make sure you know what you are going to do with all of it. I know I will be packing one X-Large suitcase to fit everything in one shot. 

5\\ Get dressy. I did a good job with this! Go me :) I know a lot of women who where thinking "comfortable" which is great but with all the parties in the evenings it's nice to get fancy and do yourself up. We don't get to do that often! Get I get an AMEN?! 
Also, I found myself very cold when sitting in on the sessions. The hotel was super air conditioned which was amazing considering it was a bajillion degrees outside but I always had a cardigan with me. 

6\\ Another handy thing I wish I brought was a simple folder to keep coupons or any other handouts that I got throughout my time at BlogHer. I know I misplaced a few things along the way. I'm big on organization and I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the stuff!!

Well, that's some of the basic things that I would modify in order to have the ultimate experience for BlogHer 13!! Is there anything that you think you would of done different??

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

on a NYC & BlogHer recap...

BlogHer 2012 came and gone. I think all of us who went are feeling like it went by in a blur. I know I am. It was beyond wonderful! I tried blogging on the whole experience as the days went by but failed miserably. At least I got two days in! Right? That's something? I felt like I was always somewhere doing something. I wanted to hit on a few of the key things that happened the last couple of day of NYC BlogHer 12.

For starters two words. Martha. Freakin. Stewart…Wait that's three. I thought Martha was an idol but after having lunch with her on day three I was blown away and now I just want to become her. She is so sweet and had a great way of staying her classy self with a hint graceful casualness. Let's not forget those purdy orange cropped pants and wedges. Hubba hubba! Since it was an interview sort of experience she answered all the questions in a way that had me hanging from every word! I didn't even manage to pick up my IPhone to snap a photo. Really that good people. I have a legit crush on Martha. Bless her crafty brain. 

The other key speaker at BlogHer was Katie Couric. Now, I'm not lying when I say that before seeing her sitting there in front of me I was totally ignorant to who she really is, of course I knew she was a news anchor but other than that not a thing. I was totally loving how open and personal she got with us, how down to earth she really felt to me. I learned that she is 55 years old and not even looking it or acting it for that matter. But really how do 55 year old act? That's silly. She has major tight biceps (thought that's important for all you to know). Smokin'! Plus I am totally going to be watching her new show on ABC. 

Aging young. That's what I felt the theme was for these speakers. Both Martha and Katie are aging young. The older they get the more young and vibrant they feel to us and are eager for more knowledge and to do more good in this world. They both spoke to all us bloggers as if we were one of them and they're words were super inspiring. I was humbling to have them speech in front of us and to be able to be involved in a history in the making. 

Other than hitting up session on learning about social media and learning about Google Analytics we adventured around NYC for some fun. Friday night we joined many others at the Helen Hayes Theatre were we saw Rock of Ages. HILARIOUS! I recommend it to all...well, other than small children. Music was hot and I was basically laughing the whole time. It was my first broadway show and totally worth every penny. Shout out to my dearest gem Tanya who stood for a good two hours waiting for half prices tickets while Julee and I were being bloggers in the air conditioned hotel. Props to you my dear!! 

Another first for me was a ride on a pedicab! NYC is full of them and it was a must to do it at least one. Very expensive but participating in that zig-zagging between cars and streets was no doubt well worth it. Fun! 

I've decided that BlogHer is my thang. I was overwhelmed with how fantastic the whole thing was put together and most of all how very kind and inspiring all the women I met are. I came out of there feeling loved and had a handful of new friends to connect with and a heap of knowledge that I cannot wait to put to use. BlogHer'13 is going to CHICAGO! Huzzah! I'll be saving every penny so that I can visit this massive community of women (and a few men) bloggers yet again.

Ps: one last thanks to Julee from My Happy Life by the Bay for making all this happen for me!! 

Friday, August 03, 2012

on the second day...

Man it's hard to get some blogging in! I've got some time so here I go telling you all about what we did yesterday.
We started the day off with going to the Top of Rockefeller Center. Sort of a touristy thing to do but since we got a early start the lines weren't as bad and we had fun. Totally a must when you are in NYC but go early!

We adventured down below Rockefeller where all the shops and restaurants are and found ourselves a neat low key eatery called 'Witch Craft. Clever name right?! I thought it was and it caught my eye right off the bat. Fun sandwiches and salads, pretty perfect for us. That was one bangin' BLT!

And look what we found just down the way from 'Witch Craft. ANTHROPOLOGIE! Of course we stopped in and shopped. I bought a darling mint colored tank top with cute ruffles and a mug. Can't wait to drink some good coffee out of that sucker.

Next up Julee and I registered and got our official lanyards for BlogHer '12 and soon after that we were on our way to the best start off to this week-- seeing Obama speak to all of us. TO US :)

Photo really doesn't do justice but you get the idea. Obama is a great speaker and I was feeling lucky to get to have him talk to all of us. There was a lot of serious talk but the guy is funny too.
After Obama we got to have fun visiting over 130 of all the vendors and sponsors for BlogHer. Let's just say we left with a 10 pound bag of free goodies. Can I get a woot woot?! Soon after it was time to hit the BlogHer parties and that's where I am going to cut this post off because to be honest I don't remember much of the rest of the night ;) All I know is that we danced our butts off and basically got a good crowd of women to come dance with us on the floor. Fun stuff!

But just so you don't feel left out, I'm leaving you with this very blurry photo of me and my best friend Tanya with balloon hats that we have no idea where we got. Whoever made these kick butt balloon hats and if you're reading this I thank you and here's a shout out to YOU :) Way cool. So there you go and I'll catch you up later on what we had going on today.