Friday, July 20, 2012

on who I am...

I am..

...sorry that I've been neglecting my little place here. We have no internet at home yet again and we are in the process of getting services soon. Until then my posts will be scattered.

...loving this photo of Sebastian and I. Classic us together. I love this kid to death and with his birthday almost a week away I am all kinds of weepy about just the thought of him turning four-years-old. Tear. Speaking of his birthday, since it falls right on a Sunday we are having a low key family party. But the cool part is that the place is going to be deck out in Legos! He is in a craze over Legos. Lego Batman. Lego this, Lego that. So I am making a fun Lego cake and a Lego pinata!

...counting down the days until I hop on a bus to NYC to meet up with my favorite gals, Tanya and Julee. Julee and I will be present at the BlogHer conference and I'm super excited about that! Are any of you going? I hope to meet a heap of new people and maybe even get to meet some of my favorite bloggers out there! It's my first time and I'm a wee bit nervous but all that will drift away once I am with the lovely Julee :) Hope to see you all there. Discovery of Witches. I thought it was going to be a quick skimming of the book but alas I am enjoying reading it over again. Hoping to start Shadow of Night this weekend. Before that I read Divergent and Insurgent. Great books! I tell you more soon.

...consumed by Sebastian's future lately. Being a parent to a child that has a speech delay can be tough and challenging in it's own ways. Come September there are going to be lots of changes in Sebastian academic schedule and the thought, am I doing the right thing? is constantly on my mind. I am taking every ones advice and going with what I feel is right for my kid and in the end doing my best. It's all I can do. So with all that I am hoping to relax a little bit this weekend and get some of this tension off my shoulders. What I really need is a massage! Welp!

...already missing my husband who left for Virginia yesterday to visit a friend. Me being the worrier that I am was up until I got the text that he had arrive (a midnight). They will be heading to North Carolina today where his friend will be racing his Mustang which is supposedly fast..whoop dee doo. He'll have fun and I'll be missing him.

...getting a fresh new hair cut on Tuesday. It shall be an adventure and I'll be coming out of the salon looking like a new person. Cutting it all off and I am really looking forward to an easy summer do. Hair cuts are always the best!

...sad about the Colorado movie shooting. It breaks my heart. All those people are in my thoughts.

...starting to feel great with all the exercise that I've been doing. I've made it mandatory to hit the gym at least twice a week which doesn't sound like much but with my busy schedule it's actually amazing. I used to exercise a lot before Sebastian was born and now that I am finally getting back to it, it's makes my body sing with happiness.

...grateful for a husband who continues to work hard and even though we aren't perfect we thrive for a happy life, a son who brings me the biggest joy in my life and family & friends that are always there to help. Oh and I'm thankful for this Chai Tea Latte that is keeping me company and the fact that it's Friday. Amen!

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  1. Love this wonderful, happy post. Constantly proud of who you are and who you continue to become and 100% looking forward to four nights of pure girl time together! We are sooooo going to have fun and learn tons! 12 days! Watch out NYC!!!