Monday, July 09, 2012

on a sweet dress...

Hi All! I'm very excited to show you all the lovely dress that was gifted to me by Sugarlips Apparel. They have a wonderful collection of cutting-edge clothing with unique dresses as well as tops & bottoms and whatdoyaknow, they're located right in the city of Angels! Today I am featuring their Striped Colored Pencils Dress

Check out that sexy back! That is totally my favorite thing about this sweet dress. It's going to be perfect for my trip to NYC in August. It's light and flowy and exactly what us ladies need in the hot summer months. Perfect with some cute wedges or sandals and you are a stylish fashionista. 

Go check out Sugarlips Apparel for yourself and hurry up and  buy some hip new dresses. Like them on their Facebook or follow them on Twitter

Happy Shopping!!

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