Friday, June 01, 2012

on these days...

sometimes all you need is a salad to brighten your day :) 

I confess that I am an absolute tv show junkie. No shame about it. I've watched the season finale of Glee a handful of times (not even exaggerating) and every time I end up in tears. It's so hard saying goodbye to all those characters that I've come to love. I was especially heartbroken about Rachel & Finn. Hot mess. Although the season came to an end it was sort of bittersweet. You know? I am looking forward to see what Glee has in store for next season.

On tv show junkie topic number two, TrueBlood is starting up again next Sunday. Drumroll! I'm ecstatic about this, so are my co-workers and to kick it off we are having ourselves a super fun season premiere taco night shindig. Tacos & vampire. What more can you ask for?! Oh and not to forget Teen Wolf. But i'll just stop there...

It's JUNE! That means my ever so sweet hubby's birthday month. But don't tell him that. Next Friday is in fact his birthday and we both took the day off to spend it together. Awe sweet. I planned a fun filled day just him and I at Dorney Park. Sebastian has preschool so I thought why the hell not take the opportunity and be big kids for the day. We plan to hit up all the crazy scary roller coasters and eat too much funnel cake. Seriously it will be a epic kind of day for the both of us. Note to self: don't eat anything next week.

I am really starting to pump myself up for New York City! It's only two months away and with how fast these months have just been floating by it's going to be here quicker than I know. Eeek! I get to attend my first ever BlogHer conference! So cool. I'm looking forward to meeting some new people, learning & connecting. Best of all it get to spend some much needed quailty time with my two favorite gals, Tanya & Julee. This I am most thankful for! If any of ya'll are attending BlogHer, I'll be the creepy chick standing awkwardly who won't stop grinning :D Okay?

Here's a nice little tidbit for you, after having my camera for almost three years and spending lots of time reading & learning I have finally started to shoot in Manual Mode! There's so much more to it than point and shoot. After learning what it means to shoot in Manual you get more of an appreciation for what this thing in your hand does! It's funny because now whenever I see someone that has a SLR camera and who is using Auto I have this sudden urge to just march up to them and tell them that they are not using it to it's fullest potential. It shames me. Oh look at me I'm like totally a professional photographer. Not. But I can pretend I am ;)

On another note, Sebastian can write is name all by is self! Well, when he wants too. Also he has said his phone number (my cell phone number since we don't have a landline) to his teacher correctly twice! Come on. If that's not impressive than I don't know what is!  I swear he surprises me everyday with something new that he is saying or doing. And to think soon I'll be the proud owner of a four year old. Said like a true parent. Aye Aye.

Well, I'm off to enjoy a quiet (yeah right) evening with my little boy. There is a storm happening soon over here and nights like these are my favorite. Reminds me of home :)


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