Saturday, June 23, 2012

on summer book no.1...

Crossed off my first book on my summer reading list. Hurrah! The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul. Great read! I was hooked just by the tittle when I saw it sitting on the shelf in Target. It was a quick read and had such a wonderful story to it. It was all that I hoped for and wanted. Of course, I am connected to this book simply by the fact that it's about a little coffee shop, obviously in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Sunny who is originally from "Nowheresville, Arkansas" now calls Kabul home after traveling there with her boyfriend who is off on dangerous missions leaving Sunny to run her shop. Kabul is not an easy place to own your own business with all the bombings, guns everywhere and the Afghan culture to uphold but Sunny molds to all of these things and creates life in Kabul.
Sunny is a strong women who has not only built a cute, quirky coffee shop but has also brought traditions that create quite a buzz around town. She becomes linked to four different women whose lives and secrets are not only dangerous but make your heart seize up.

It's a fun read about family, friends and relationships. Although, this book doesn't go into great depth it does give a nice understanding of life in Kabul. It was also interesting finding out at the end of the book that the author actually lived in Kabul and owned her own hair salon and even though this book isn't a true story she says that the characters are ones that were inspired by real people in the time she spent in Kabul. True stuff and very neat!

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