Thursday, June 14, 2012

on homemade ranch...

Now that I have an awesome herb garden with tons of yummy greens I made myself some homemade ranch! I saw a lovely recipe on one of my favorite blogs Baked Bree (if you haven't seen my interview with Bree check it out here). I am a serious ranch-a-holic. I'm admitting it to the entire world wide web! I love me some ranch. It's my all time favorite dressing on salads and I will even dip my pizza & grilled cheese into ranch. So there.
It was a super easy recipe and I was giddy as crazy as I was pouring it into a sweet little mason jar. Simple too! The two main ingredients are sour cream and buttermilk plus some little things like Worcestershire and not to forget our herb friend-- parsley, dill & chive. Check out the recipe and make some for yourself! Oh and seriously if you ever need some help in the kitchen just head over to Baked Bree because I know you will without a doubt find something that makes your mouth water. 

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