Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Reading\\ I finished Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a few weeks ago and that was good. Curious as to how the movie is going to turn out. Just the other day I started my first book from my summer reading list The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul. I am loving it already. I'm enjoying the characters as well as understanding more about the culture and religions that are present in Afghanistan. Although I'm not one to be super interested in religion, the way this book touches on it and more so within the characters makes this to be a great read for me. 

Watching\\Teen Wolf. I love this show! Since I don't have cable and that means no MTV my good friend Ashley (girl on the far left above) is a doll and actually records it and then lets me come over and watch with her :) Cue Kristen Wiig's voice as Annie in Bridesmaids-- help me I'm poor...But anyways, now that Vampire Diaries and Glee are no longer, I switch to Teen Wolf and True Blood. Love love love. The best part is when I meet someone via work or wherever and find out they like the shows that I watch. Oh golly. My voice gets all high pitched and the giggling happens. It's a mess. 
Also went to see Snow White and the Huntsman with the girls above a few weekends ago. It was a great night and I give the movie a 4 out of 5. I fancied how dark and haunting the story was and yet it had that mystical forest in it to make it feel like a fairytale. For some reason I was expecting more of a love interest happen between Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth). For me that was a let down. Action was good and of course Charlize Theron was amazing. It's worth seeing in the movie theater!

Anticipating\\Sebastian's birthday day. This year he has really came to understand the significance of birthdays...presents!! Yep, that is of course what makes it special and let's not forget that soon I'll have myself a four year old! That's still crazy for me to say and even think about. These four years have gone unbelievably fast which is quite scary and also sad. I want to savor every waking moment with this little guy because soon he will want to be locked in his room listening to loud music instead of cuddling on the couch while watching Disney movies. Tear. Although sometimes I get weepy just seeing him get bigger and the digits going higher it's still just a glorious feeling knowing how much he has accomplished this past year and how much more he will in the next. Proud Momma right here!

Listening to\\ Lately these songs have been on repeat...

Wishing\\ that I could teleport back to Seattle and give my dad a hug. It was his birthday yesterday and I couldn't help but feel a little down in the dumps.  It was a sad day until Sebastian called him up and said happy burffday to him and in effect made him shed happy tears. Which in turn made my heart melt into a oozing puddle! Distance is hard. Isn't that the truth?! I wish it got easier with time but it doesn't. 

Random\\ so last Friday we went to Dorney Park which is an amusement park with half water rides and the other roller coasters. We got there around 11am and started on the water rides. On our last ride we chose to go on a tube water slide, it's were you sit on a inflated tube and ride down the slide. I didn't really think much of it but towards the end of the slide it got really steep. Now, since I was going like a million mile per hour I flew up into the air as I hit the top of the steep part and my eye glasses slipped off my face and were literally floating in midair. No joke.  I had two options. One, take my hand off the tubes handle and grab my now hovering glasses and risk flying off the tube myself (since I was going so fast) or just let them fall to their doom. I chose to save my glasses. So to speak...because as I took my hand off the handle and went to quickly grab my glasses I heard a crunccchh. I got to the bottom safe and sound but I can't say the same for my glasses. I crushed them with my bare hands. Talk about a Hulk moment. I cracked the framed right in half. This happened some time in the afternoon so the rest of the day I was walking around the park basically blind. I held onto Bobby's hand for dear life making sure I didn't loose him in the crowds. I laughed and the day was in no way ruined. And don't worry I have a older pair that I am currently using but now this gives me an excuse to get my butt out to buy myself a brand new pair of frames or two!

Eating\\ salads. Fresh green salads with lots of yummy veggies! That's all I've even wanted to eat lately especially with this humid heat. I can hardly ever eat heavy dishes in the summer. Bobby feels the same way so we've been putting off making dinners and just putting together different sorts of salads. Monday night we made chicken taco salads. So yummy!


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