Thursday, May 03, 2012

on who I am...

I am\\

//happy to be back! April was a rough one. For starters I was working, what felt like, all the dang time. Doing doubles and extra hours. Working on your feet for 15 hours in one day can surely put a damper on things. At least for me. 
Other than work, I had a few shortcomings happen my way. First, I dropped my poor Macbook and crack the case plus messed up the screen to the point of having to get it fixed. No worries since I do have accidental protection. It was fixed and is good as new. I can say that I've learned my lesson in trying to carry a million things all at once since of course my most prized possession will decide to fall from my grasp. 
Secondly, I lost my phone. It disappear in the the unknown abyss. No joke friends. I had it one minute in the car and then after running into our apartment in the pouring rain it vanished. Without. A. Trace. Although I didn't have the greatest phone known to mankind, it was still some sort of Android and it's gone forever. Or until it comes out of hiding. In any case, I had to spend money on a crappy cheap Nokia phone to hold me over until my contract is up and I can finally get my beloved Iphone. Le sigh.  
Last but not least and for the one that tops all this, Sebastian caught Hand, Foot & Mouth out of nowhere. It's been going around daycares and schools around my area. However his preschool says no one else has come down with it before or after him so really I have absolutely no idea where this thing came from. So, you see why this month has been just so much fun for me :) Now you see why I've been away for so long?! 

// excited that it's May! My little sister will be turning nineteen. Which seriously, what happened to the little brat that told on me nonstop about ridiculous things. Gone! Now I have a pretty crazy hairstylist of a sister! And then the fella and I are going enjoy a nice loooong weekend in a sweet B&B in Maryland. Thank you dear May for being here. I need you so. 

// not even going to shy away from the fact that I read The Fifty Shade of Grey series within two days! When they do make the movie for it (lord help us all) I know with every fiber of my being that Ian Somerhalder has to be Grey. It's a must. And I'm not just saying that because he is insanely mouthwatering. 

// currently on the final season of Lost. What the what! I totally missed out on this goldmine when it was on TV. I am sort of happy I did miss out since now I can just watch episode after episode on Netflix without any wait at all! No matter how it ends there will without a doubt be a hole in my heart. 

// obsessing over the color coral and wanting these maxi skirts in every color to wear this summer. 

// thanking the heavens that our neighbors below us (the one that we are on not so great terms) has gotten kicked out because obviously we are not the only ones that think the lady is a complete nut case but as does our landlord. I guess I should be ashamed that I am thrilled a single mother to one five or so year old boy is getting the boot but no joke when I say...she is psychotic. Not normal at all. I totally do not agree with her life style and she does some very strange things. And yes, I'm judging but you would too. Trust me. Anyways she should be out soon and so will be the negativity floating around. Having to avoid someone in your own home is sort of annoying. 

// feeling a wee bit nostalgic lately. Looking through photos of when I was pregnant and huge as a house with Sebastian in my belly has me on high baby fever alert. Yikes!

//glad to be back. Life keeps on truckin'! 


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