Thursday, March 08, 2012

on who I am...

...head over heals with my current nail polish color. I went to my local nail salon and treated myself to a manicure. My nails are painted this color. Feeling fancy.

...beyond loving this weather we are having today. Beautiful sunny day of 69 degrees! Holly Batman. It's a bit windy but that didn't stop us from spending the early afternoon outdoors. Drew with some chalk. Played with toys and took a trip into the jungle to be Tarzan (Sebastian has quite the imagination!).

...excited for Spring being just around the corner. I'm always excited for the days to get longer and brighter. I always being able to enjoy cooking dinner in the daylight. It's more festive :)

...looking forward to a date night with my fella this Saturday. We are planning on a early evening adventure to one of Bobby's favorite go-cart places. Winner picks where we eat dessert. So, ya'll know it will be an epic battle!

...eagerly waiting for a new hair cut on Saturday as well. Nothing better than looking forward to a new do! Sticking with my blonde and cutting it shorter. I need a bit of a change and I feel my hair desperately needs to be cut after the change from red to blonde. It seems like it put a damper on my hair. Nothing too short, just to my jaw line. Perfect Spring cut!

...on the hunt for a blender. Anyone have a great blender? Do tell. Smoothies are in my future people!

...adoring my owl slippers and cute accessories my little itty bitty sister sent me. I have a necklace to wear every day of the week! We always love fun packages that turn up on our porch with goodies inside from our Northwest lovies. Le sigh. 

...finished a lovely book The Language of Flowers. I urge all of you to read it. It was beautiful. 

...giddy about planning our one year anniversary. We are looking into spending a weekend in a sweet Victorian bed and breakfast along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. R&R here we come!

...very much a morning person. I wish it was morning all the time. Weird, I know. But I just love waking up to the sunshine. And honestly, I think the birds like the morning the best too because they are always singing with I open my eyes. We always sleep with our windows open, mostly because Bobby and Sebastian are always hot and the brisk air that floats into our room can put that skip in my step like no bodies business. I swear. It's true. 

...confused by people who feel the need to say or write unnecessary things. Like really, what are you saying?? Because honestly no one in the whole universe is listening to you. 

...always asking Sebastian for a kiss in return. Mommy, I want juice. Kiss please. Mommy, I want a cookie. Kiss first. Mommy I want...Kiss me foo. I'm getting as many kisses out of this kid while I still have a fighting chance!



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  1. I love love love that color.I saw it on pinterst =D..Adorable..and im getting a new do this weekend to..*Crosses fingers* cant wait to see,your hair is always adorable!