Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on recent thoughts...

(a result of taking self portraits while practicing manual mode on my camera)

Loving\\ How beautifully Sebastian is flouring in his speech! It gets me all excited. He has been working hard at it for a good two years now. As a parent it is such a great feeling knowing that after all the help we are getting for him and all the learning on our part that it's truly doing wonders. It's so funny that in our lives everything is revolved around speech.  If you lived with us you would most likely think we have some screws loose! We emphasize on language in every aspect of our lives. For Sebastian it's the matter of slowing words down. Once the word is slowed down he has no problem saying it back. We are trying to build on that knowledge and do all that we possibly can in order for him to be right on track for the start of school. Kindergarten. I'm shaking in my boots just saying that, since Kindergarten is only a couple years away. Holy shish kabob. 

Anticipating\\ Me and my fella's one year anniversary! I cannot believe it. Not to mention this year is going by crazy fast. I mean April is already basically here and May shortly behind it. We are planning on going on a elongated weekend of R&R. We chose this lovely bed & breakfast on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. We found out about this b&b from my parent-in-laws that introduced it to us last year and of course I was instantly swooning over it. Alas, us deciding on celebrating our first year of marriage there. It will be located on the other side of St. Michael's and so we will be having ourselves many ferry rides across the water along with: bike rentals, a sail boat ride, a photo shoot and food devouring! 

Listening to\\ Anyone obsessing over I Heart Radio as much as I am? Particularly the Snow Patrol station. Oh you are? Good I thought I was the only one. Not sure what it is but I have my stations under my thumb, man. I tell it what to play and that's what it plays. No if, ands or buts. I'm boss. No really, I heart, I Heart Radio. 

Eating\\ A PB&J sandwich. Don't judge. With a tummy ache that is all that I ever want. Although a girl can dream and desire some of these great looking foods 1\2\3

Wishing\\ I could transport myself back to the Northwest. 

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