Saturday, March 17, 2012

on being in the moment...

Sometimes it's about the things in the moment. The here and now. I'm starting to believe that it's the most important thing in this life. Cherished moments. The moments that make us happy.

Today Sebastian and I went out on a little day date to the Elmwood Park Zoo. It's no Philadelphia Zoo. Alas, we love it for it's simplicity more than anything. It was a beautiful day for it and so thought the rest of the our area because I swear the whole world and their zillion children were at this zoo! Bizarre since it is always so quiet there. I had to make my own parking spot on the grass...yeah, no parking people! My thought was oh god what did I get myself into..But it turned out to be such an amazing day. I sit hear writing to you, and feel this overwhelming joy that I grabbed this day by the horns and made memories with a boy that really is so magnificent. 

Even though now and again throughout our adventure my heart would skip a beat realizing that my Canon was not on my shoulder to capture all that was done today but you know, sometimes you just have to get out there and enjoy yourself and not succumb to such things (although I did take a few phone pics!). So, that's what we did. Had fun seeing some animals. You know Sebastian got a kick out of the barn full of farm animals to pet. Yes, we washed our hands especially after the one goat pretty much made-out with my hand! Whhooa Mr. Goat. Calm down. Sebastian was dying of laughter. We made a quick round of seeing all the animals and spent the rest of our time at the play area. Not to forget transforming half of Sebastian's face into Spiderman. We had to do it. When it comes to things like that my inner child comes out and is begging for a fierce lion on my face. 

Most beloved event of the day was when Sebastian's urge to use the potty was exhibited by a little jig. When I ask him if he had to go pee-pee his reply was yes! and then quickly ran to the nearest bush and was almost successful with pulling down his pants and relieving himself (I wonder who taught him that niffty trick?!). I say almost because I  was quick to grab his hand and say ohh no buddy we need to find the restroom, as I glanced around me to check if none of these other parents had witnessed what my child attempt to do. I got a questioning look like what mom, this isn't okay... So we hurried ourselves to the front of the zoo to where the restrooms were, which honestly they should totally put one towards the back for situations like this one, and en-route we sang songs and speed walked. Which is my secret way of keep his mind off of letting go of the five cups of juice he insisted on drinking. Can you just picture us speed walking and me singing a total made-up song about not peeing our pants? Alas, we made it!

Other things that are in the moment:

1\\ I used the last few Amazon gift cards that I got at my bridal shower on a fancy new blender and a fun split pea colored french press.

2\\ Do you listen to music when writing? I always do. With having two very very loud boys in my house it's nice to get in the zone with some tunes. Here are the songs I listened to when writing this post 

3\\ Almost done with Stephan King's 'Salem's Lot. It's not the most thrilling read but King just really grabs my eyeballs with his writing. I love it! What should my next book be? Any suggestions?

Alright that's me being in the moment. Get happy and be in the moment too. Hope everyone is safe out there and enjoying their St. Patty's Day. I celebrated with some fabulous green colored nails and a green colored pie (more to come on that).


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