Saturday, February 04, 2012

on a few good things...

It's been a little since I've been around. Lots going on around here. Projects galore and really just life happening fast. Can you believe it's February? I can't! Soon I'll be married for one year and have a four year old. Gahhh! I want to scream. That is seriously crazy to think about at this moment. A. Four. Year. Old. Alas I feel like things are starting to shift back to a normal, whatever that means. Here's a little catch-up on a few good things...
Last weekend we took the train downtown to see the annual Car Show. This photo was the only one that we took and really was the only good thing that came out of that day. I know, I totally sound like a negative Nancy but seriously the day was a complete bust. Sebastian started out the day being a irritable and cranky and Bobby and I thought the train ride and car show would bring him out of his funk. Boy, were we wrong! All in all, we were at the car show for only an hour, saw a few cars and our took our very tired butts back home on the train. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. And that day the car show was not written in the universe for us to see & enjoy. It's life and you learn. Hence this extremely too close photo that Bobby snapped of me and Sebastian (well mostly me) on the train. Not bad aye? It's the small things you have to appreciate! 

Here's some few of my favorite eats lately. Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips. No dip needed for these bad boys. Super yummy as snack. Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate. Found this gem at Wegmans, where we do our weekly food shopping. Wegmans has some fun isles of international goodies and I found this in the European section. Milka is a brand of chocolate that is commonly seen all over Hungary & most European countries and whenever I would visit, these chocolates were consumed at an incredible rate by me. This chocolate bar is the best. Quakers Oatmeal Squares have become my every morning cereal. This stuff is good. I like them because they don't get all soggy when they sit for a little while. Since I'm at work and more times than not I find myself busy with consumers in the morning I don't worry that my cereal is going to get all mushy in my soy milk. That is pure joy right there!
Remember when I made that amazing Spectacular Pumpkin Pie and for the crust I had to use Anna's Ginger Thins? Well, I found these melt in your mouth chocolate mint thins by Anna's and they are a favorite in our house. I like to enjoy them with a nice hot cup of peppermint tea. Bliss. 

The other week when we hit up Ikea I picked up this little guy. He is a milk frother! Super simple yet so amazing. On the weekends I'm at home and have to use my Keurig for my coffee means. Not to knock on my Keurig but dude, it's not the same as getting my coffee at work. It's just not. So this guy helps me trick my mind into believing my boring 'ol cup of coffee is better than it really is. Win. Win. Right?! 

Last but not least it's my lovely mother in law's 50th birthday today. Hope she doesn't kick me in the shin for saying so :D She's wonderful and she'll be in paradise next week so that's what she gets from me. Telling everyone on the world wide web that she is one smokin' hot 50 year old! Amen to that sista. 



  1. Cute blog!! following on Bloglovin since Google Friend Connect is ending at the end of this month!!

    1. Hi there Randee. Charmed to meet you :)

  2. Just dropping by to your cute site from BSN to follow you. I scratched your back,now scratch mine at http//
    I agree with you on Keurig - it's handy but not totally like a real cup of coffee. Have to try your idea. I have one of those frothers , too.

    Kind regards
    Mary Habres
    Encore Home Staging and Redesign

    1. Highly recommend the frother :) I'd love to take a peek at your blog however the link you gave me isn't working. Thanks for dropping by!