Wednesday, January 04, 2012

on ten favorites...

I asked Sebastian what his favorite toy of the year was and he showed me this guy. I guess it's the small things in life :) But all jokes aside his imagination soars when he's play with his Toy Story army men! Just the other day he had them all lined up in the hallway ready to battle against dinosaurs. He's a hoot!
I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorite things in 2011...

Favorite TV Show: Glee! Although Glee is my number one both Vampire Diaries and True Blood are very close. They are just so addicting and fun.

Favorite Movie: Breaking Dawn (as if you didn't already guess that!)

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games series. This series was amazing. I think I read all three books in a week. I always find myself telling people who are looking for something to read about The Hunger Games.

Favorite Album: Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto. Their music is brilliant.

Favorite Song: We are Young by Fun.

Favorite Food: Pasta Fagoli (my mother in laws recipes).

Favorite Dessert: Pumpkin donuts!! Or really anything pumpkin.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Saxbys White Chocolate Mint Truffle Latte made by ME.

Favorite Restaurant: Piatto Grille. Wild Mushroom Pizza. Mouth. Watering.

Favorite Blog: Dandee-Designs. This is a recent find and I'm adoring the lady behind the blog. She seems like a very crafty down-to-earth mom with a nice family. My kind of peach.

There's my top ten favorite things in 2011, if you'd like to join in I would totally love it! Go ahead and leave a comment or a link.



  1. ok here goes: Top Ten
    1. Spending time with my family.
    2. Playing with grandkids (keeps me young)
    3. Going out to dinner with husband.
    4. Roadtrips.
    5. Trying new receipes
    6. Family Vacation at the Beach
    7. Back-yard BBQ's
    8. Catching up with friends.
    9. Seattle Trip
    10.Being Thankful for my Life!
    and I love that Sebastian love's his army men to play with, I remember your and Bobby's face when you both pictured the mess they will make all over the house....I really went back and forth with that selection!

  2. Great list!! And the army men really do make a mess but Sebastian has been great at cleaning them up :) So it's a win win!

  3. He reminds me of my little guys. I'm a new follower.