Wednesday, January 11, 2012

on a review: the last werewolf...

The Last Werewolf. Totally not what I was expecting at all and I mean that in a good way. When starting this book I was delighted that the main character was a werewolf because we all know those guys can get over shadowed by the vampires these days. It's starts out with Jake becoming a werewolf and sharing his story with us in a journal. I hope I'm not giving anything away but yes, Jake is the last werewolf and after being alive for 200 years he isn't feeling up to it much longer. On the verge of ending it all he finds out he's the last werewolf around, along with many other interesting details that have in effect been revealed. Jake is a bad guy who eats people once a month, the dude knows his scotch and has sworn off of love not to forget he's amazing in bed but what werewolf isn't right? And I won't really go into the fact that he's come up against an organizations whose sole purpose is to extinct werewolves. 

I know you can't avoid looking at the tittle and comparing it to Twilight but I kid you not it doesn't nearing touch the Twilight saga. This is book is rich in words that are profound beyond anything you might expect. If you're into that sort of thing and are looking for a fantasy book with some intellectual goodness then I absolutely recommend this book for you! 

Happy Reading. 

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