Monday, January 02, 2012

on a new beginning...

So it's the new year, do you feel any different? I know I always feel just a little more alive than just a couple of days ago. I'm enthusiastic about life and all it holds and just a bit more chipper. It's a nice feeling to have. Here's to a new beginning! Speaking of new beginnings yesterday was the first day of 1,825 that I got to write in my new Q & A Journal.
Isn't it darling? I just love the look of it :) In it is a question that you have to answer for each day of the year and it's set up for five years. Some questions are simple like What book are you currently reading? and some have some thought involved like What famous person would you want to meet for drinks? (well at least that would make me think a little!). 
My mission for this gem is to fill out each day for five years and put it away in a time capsule for my kids and future grand kids to marvel at! Doesn't that sound neat?! I am so giddy about the idea of my grand kids sitting around each other talking about how ridiculously awesome their grandmother was :) 
It's never too late to start one of your very own. I bought mine here

Another new beginning, if you haven't already noticed my new domain. I told you I would for the new year and there it is folks!! I'm feeling extra fancy today! 


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