Sunday, January 01, 2012

on a 2012 list...

I love creating a list of goals and dreams and hopes. It's such a feel good thing! The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to write down goals that you would like to accomplish, things you would like to do or just silly random fun stuff (above all I really do enjoy the random silly things--here's my goals that I wrote last new years!). I think it's really important to set goals that are doable and that are fun or make you a better person. Start small and instead of saying I want to lose weight try saying I would like to shed 10 pounds by swimsuit season. Or even go a step further and tell yourself you are going to jog at least once a week or cut down on sugar. Whatever you think will work for you! 
I hate when I hear people say they don't do resolutions or set goals. Sad face. There's always something in life that you would like to get done or do and you have to let it be known before you can start stepping towards those dreams. You don't need a blog to map out goals for the year. Write something down on a sheet of paper and stick in on your fridge. Write it in your journal or notebook or calendar. Anywhere. Just do it, inspire yourself to do things that makes you happy. Keep dreaming! 

In 2012...I want to create at least one thing once a month. Whatever it maybe, a DIY project, sewing goodness or crocheting. Set some time aside to make some lovelies. 

In 2012...More date nights. Bobby and I are horrible about setting up date nights for ourselves. This was on last years list and I would love to go on a nice date at least once a month!

In 2012...I've been a bit shy around the blogosphere so this year I'll be less intimidated and more sociable. Oh and not to forget that I want to start doing Vlogs! Eeeekk scary.  

In 2012...Explore Pennsylvania more. Get out there and find new places. Go on more hikes and adventures. 

In 2012...Thrift more! There's so many treasures out there in the world!  

In 2012...Take a photography class and a beginner photoshop class. 

In 2012...Send ten "just because gifts". 

In 2012...Revamp and decorate our bedroom. 

Well, that's my list. Have you made one yet? Go ahead, start out the first day of the year with some fresh new ambitions to get you going!! Happy New Year. 

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