Tuesday, December 06, 2011

on our favorite books...

We have a pretty decent assortment of children books. The past couple weeks even more have entered our home since a couple weeks ago work acquired a used books store (my coffee shop is in a mall so by that I meant the mall acquired a used book store). Sebastian loves to read! I always find him on the floor with tons of his books scattered around him with his head in a book, pretend reading. It's fun being a parent because you get to incorporate books that you grew up with into their lives and have fun reading them books that as a child you loved. Things like that warm my heart, knowing that Sebastian likes things that I liked as a kid :) 

1\\ Mercer Mayer's Little Critter books were one of my faves when I was a kid. Cute, funny and yet always has a lesson for Sebastian to learn. 

2\\ The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jen Berenstain are another favorite of mine. Just another great book full of wisdom and humor that help children and parents conquer their firsts! The two that Sebastian and I have been reading currently are "Too much TV" and "And too much Junk Food". Fits the current stage we're at. 

3\\ Eric Carle books are beautiful. Colorful in pictures and in words. By far the most beloved around here is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?". Classics none the less and such a great way to get kids to interact. Sebastian loves singing the Brown Bear song with me and we get to see different animals and make animal sounds. At times it can get a little loud in here!

4\\ Laura Numeroff books are new to me and we only have a few of them so far but their ones that I find Sebastian pulling out and wanting me to read often. "If You Take A Mouse To School" and "If You Give A Pig A Party". I don't know about you but I always wondered what if you take a mouse to school? 

5\\ No doubt Dr. Seuss books are on our list. Every single one of them are childhood must haves. Green Eggs and Ham, naturally is our number one.

6\\ Look and Find books are brilliant. Something that Sebastian has yet to become bored with. These books are his go-to in times when we're lounging around. There are so many to choose from, so far we have Toy Story, Elmo's Potty and Spider-Man. Sort of like a I Spy book for toddlers. Each page has a scene and then a box on the side of things that they have to find. Makes them think and it's always fun having to find Buzz Lightyear hiding behind a spaceship!

That's our favorite books. Always adding on and always reading. Other than the ones that I've shared, my most cherished childhood book is No Milk, No Moon!  Have you heard of it? What are your favorite childhood books?


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  1. me: curious george
    my kids: if you give a mouse a cookie; and with court of course anything disney with princesses.