Saturday, December 17, 2011

on our Christmas tradition...

Our little family Christmas tradition is different from most. First let me start out with how Christmas was for me growing up. The most important thing is that my family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve night, so December 24th. Being European that is a very common way. For us it wasn't Santa who brought our presents but it was Jesus. Now, you can imagine me growing up thinking I was hot stuff when my parents were telling me Jesus was giving us all our presents not some fat white bearded guy who rides on a sleigh. Don't get me wrong Santa is a great guy but I knew he was just not the one putting the gifts under the Christmas tree. 

So, my little sister and I would take showers and take refuge in our shared bedroom to get all dressed fancy in our best dress we could find and play games. We weren't allowed to come out of our rooms until we heard the chime of the bells (that were always hung up in the living room doorway) which meant that Christmas has arrived to our house and it was time to run out and start shredding the wrapping paper. Most of you as kids and even now put up your tree right after Thanksgiving or in the start of December. Right? Well not us growing up. Our tree was a gift too. The tree was surprise and something that we didn't get to see set up with all the shinny ornaments and lights until Christmas Eve when that ring of the bell is heard. It was always so nice running out of our rooms and seeing that, what at that time, colossal tree with gifts all different shapes underneath. And what a sight it was. We would get right to unwrapping gifts and then straight after sit down at the dinner table for a nice meal. Stay up late playing with all our new things and get up early to do it some more. 

Since becoming a parent Holiday traditions have become beloved to me. It's so much fun making your own traditions! For us we mixed my Hungarian Christmas with the all-American Christmas and it goes like this....
We still celebrate Christmas Eve night, I just couldn't give that up, wayyyy to sacred. However that being said we're doing the Santa thing. I've never been in any way religious and Santa just fits better for me. Growing up we weren't either but I think since that was how my parents were taught it's what they past down to us. That's right Sebastian Santa brings all your presents, yup, that big fat guy with the white beard. 
Our tree goes up after Thanksgiving :) I always envied all my friends who had their tree up way before me, who helped their parents pick the tree out and decorate it. I always want my kids to help pick the tree out and help their father load it up on the car and help decorate. I still hold the custom of putting the gifts under the tree right before it's time to open presents. Naturally no seeing gifts until Santa brings them. There's something about that I'm super adamant about! I feel like seeing the gifts is cheating and not as exciting. Right?

Ahh traditions. So refreshing and yet always adding more! Speaking of, I'm starting Gingerbread Boy baking with all the family (well, the ones that aren't too cool for us coughbrittanycough). I'll be using a recipe that my godmother used to make when I was just a wee one every Christmas. The best part is we don't use any cookie cutters! We create little ginger boys with our HANDS. It will be fun and messy. 

I just love the thought of Sebastian having a family one day and changing around our traditions into something that suits his family :D Bliss I tell you, BLISS. 
We're almost there people! Are you ready? I sure am. 



  1. I cant believe Christmas is less than a week away! that picture is so pretty, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! i just love christmas!

  2. Lauren, I know! I'm getting all giddy already. Thanks for the comment :)