Monday, November 07, 2011

on who I am..

I am..

...proud to announce that I finally finished The Stand! What a book! I'm so glad I stuck it out. It's a brilliant story and even though I still have some question that were never answered I feel like that's the best part in the whole story. Loved it! On to my next book club book The Butterfly in the Cabinett by Bernie Magill

...feeling bit under the weather this past weekend. Slight cough with sore bones. Ugh. I fear this is how my winter shall be. 

...extremely grateful for the technology we have these days. Just yesterday Sebastian and I were able to face time with my dad! Sebastian gets a kick out of seeing him on the computer & enjoys showing my dad all his new toys and giggles with him. It warms my heart that he can get the chance to interact with my dad this way. And although it's not the same it still is better than nothing.

...loving my new 1/2" Omerica plugs with cute little anchors on them. They are hand crafted out of wood. Snazzy huh?  

...feeling like one of these days my heart is going to completely combust from all the lovin' I get from my little boy. This morning when we arrived to preschool from getting out of the car to getting inside the building he just clung to my thigh. Mind you I walked this way into preschool with a little boy attached to my thigh. He would just say "mom" and I'd reply "yes" and his response was a tight squeeze to his mommy's thigh. Oh it's just sweet I tell you, SWEET! 

...trying really hard not to go and get my hair cut and by cut I mean cut short. Ekkk! It's getting hard. But I'm not going to do it. I have these urges, like when I see this super cute haircut on someone and just want to run to my hair dresser & have her just chop it all off. It's not normal. Why is it so hard for me to have long hair? I want long hair!! I keep telling myself that I just need to get through this winter and then it should be smooth sailing from there...right? 

...sometimes overwhelmed with the thought of the Holidays. But also very please at the same time. Yes, I'm crazy too. We all know it. 

...thinking it's about time to start on my Christmas list. Too soon? I think not!! You hear dear husband of mine, Christmas list :D a serious need for some thrift store shopping. For some clothes & Christmas decor. I'm embarrassed to say I don't have a single Christmas decoration, not including Christmas three decorations.

...tired of hearing about the Michael Jackson doctor shenanigans. For all it's worth I think 
the doctor isn't the only one guilty in all this (my person opinion). 

...always counting my blessings. Some days can be a struggle but not a minute goes by that I'm not grateful for what I have in this life. My husband & son, family & friends. Near or far. Everyone of you are what makes this life special. 



  1. maybe your just meant to have short hair! I always feel better with short hair.

  2. Erin, you might just be right :) However I still am going to stick through the winter and see what my heart says then haha! In the mean time I pretty much know what way I'll cut it if I do decide to cut it short. Need to be prepared :)