Saturday, November 19, 2011

on an update...

For starters, can you believe Thanksgiving is here?! Thursday. Wow. Time yet again seems to whizz by. Thanksgiving is held at my in laws every year. Love the family huddled around at the table laughing and stuffing our faces with yummy food of all sorts. This year I'll be contributing a vegetable tian along with two different desserts. A pumpkin pie spectacular & an apple-cream cheese bundt cake. I know, you want to be part of my family. I don't blame you. 

Black Friday will be soon after. Most of you will be the shopper where as I will be the one in the mall at 4:30am serving liquid crack to the crazy shoppers (you) because I'm nice. Ah, Black Friday and your peer pressure. How I loathe you! I've had a slight set back this week with a lady who I hired and never showed up for her training this week. Yeah, boo on you! A week before the holiday season, really people? Well, what are you going to do? I was bummed and it's going to be bit tough with either finding another person or just trying to make it work. It.Will.Be.Alright. 

I've started a new book. Matched by Ally Condie. I just started and hooked already! It's about this "Society" were Officials decide everything. Where you work. What you eat. Who you spend the rest of your live with. And even when you die! Crazy right? The main character Cassie has her matching ceremony and finds out she is to be matched up with her best friend Xander. Perfect, well until she notices another guys face show up in the blink of an eye! Who is it Xander or Ky? Does she follow what the Society says is right or goes down a road that no one as ever gone? My kind of book. Best yet, it's a trilogy :) What are you reading?

Last Friday I had a lovely Twilight Marathon sleepover at my place with some girls. We ate ourselves to death with all the appetizer I had. We watch the movies, giggled and goofed around. Although, not going to name any names but there was someone that fell asleep and didn't even finish New Moon. CoughAshleyCough. But I don't judge. A night of just girls. Something I desperately needed.
Speaking of Twilight...I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 with Ashley Friday night. I am speechless. The best of all of them and overall the best movie I've ever seen in my life. I know what is a serious statement but I am not even kidding you. The whole time I was in awe. Ashley and I kept looking to the side at each other with wonder. I think after the movie was over and we starting out of the theater both of us were in shock. "OMG that was soooo goo0o0o0od" was said more than a dozen times each. I beg you go see it!

Also made amazing Mint Chocolate Chip cookies after I discovered Hershey's Mint chips at the grocery early this week. They are heavenly. Sebastian and I inhaled way too many of them together on the couch last night, my butt grew but I don't care. It was a sweet bonding moment :D



  1. Missing you! Tea threw together a super fun surprise birthday party for Glen and the gang just left so Tea and I are sitting figuring out the rest of the week and checking in with you. We want to make the mint cookies! Hey and I read Matched and really liked it. The next one just came out. Stay strong for Black Friday and have a blast on turkey day

  2. p.s. she and Kaylee are now hooked on American Horror Story too!