Thursday, November 24, 2011

on a gratitude list...

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I'd share what I'm grateful for. I do gratitude lists throughout the year and think it's super important to always look at what you have and cherish it. For me in life I always try my hardest to not take anything for granted. So, here is my list and if you haven't yet already take some time today and think of what your grateful for, it is what the day is all about!

1/ Family. I'm blessed to have married such a perfect man for me. He completes me in every way. And the best part is he is an amazing father, something that I will be forever grateful for! With Sebastian in our lives everything has been so much brighter. Sebastian as a way of making anyone smile. In the darkest days I can always find light and usually that light is Sebastian. I'm indebted to my dad & sister who have been there for me all my life. All three of us have gone through so much together and with them being my only family out in Seattle they mean the world to me. Now here in Philly, I have it made because I have the biggest family I've ever had in my life! My mother in law is a sweet women who is always there to help. She is a hard worker and even though she might not hear it everyday, I appreciate everything she has accomplished and everything she does because any mother would want to be half of what she is. My father in law is a family man who has a huge heart. He has his family in mind every day and I'm thankful for him because this trait carried to his son, my husband. It warms my heart. 

2/ My job. This is one that I try not to take for granted. Even though at times it can be stressful and sometimes at the end of the day my back aches and I can't get off the couch with being so tired but in the end I'm so grateful for what I do. Grateful for the people I work with and how understanding they can be with having a family. Not many people in the retail business have the opportunity to make their own hours to the needs of their family, it's really a wonderful feeling.

3/ Technology. This is how I stay connected with my family & friends back home. Technology makes it easier on my soul to be able to pick up the phone whenever I need to talk to my sister about a rough day or have my dad facetime with us so Sebastian can see him. It truly is an amazing thing we have now a days and so so thankful for it.

4/ A best friend. Tanya, who is very far away but will always be my greatest friend. I'm constantly grateful for this girl. Back when we were younger she was always there when I needed her through the good and bad in my past. I hold on to the memories I have and thinking about them always put me in a good mood!

5/ Thankful for time. Every moment in this world is so precious. 

6/ All the small things. Coffee in the morning, books, all my favorite TV shows like Vampire Diaries, Glee & American Horror Story, my camera, crafty things, a New York trip countdown, two silly boys that do silly things, laughing until my sides hurt, my sewing machine and dark blue skinny jeans. 

Take some time to be grateful for life. Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble. And all that good stuff. Eat good and laugh a lot. I'll be up bright and early at 3am. Keep me in your thoughts :) 


  1. I am thankful for a daughter-In-Law that Shares the same love for the people that mean the most to me. Who Shares the love of the kitchen as I do. (and makes it fun) Who will always give me an honest opinion.(painful as it may be)
    You are a fun,honest, creative,helpful,Bonded addition to our family!

  2. Thanks for making me cry! Happy/sweet cry though. I love it!