Tuesday, November 08, 2011

on bits + pieces...

 Bits + Pieces...

1. Sebastian hiding in the laundry basket in the morning.
2. Blueberry bagel with butter & coffee. 
3. Surprise. Hubby working from home :) 
4 & 5. A cat snuck out to watch the birds...and later I locked her in the neighbors apartment. Long story short. Neighbors door was open because it's notorious not to shut all the way. I was a kind neighbor & went to close it for them when getting Sebastian of the preschool bus and who tip-toed inside unnoticed. My cat. She was in there for almost four hours sitting by the front of their door meowing. Poor thing. 
6, 7 & 8. A closet before & after photo. Hooray for organizing & easy dollar store bins!
9. BLT's for lunch
10. apple for apple pie :D
11. orange chicken for dinner. To. Die. For. And I'm sure my butt grew but I don't care!
12. an acquired shelf from the momma in law thanks! Now my wonderful kitchen appliances have a home (instead of sitting on the ground in that corner there, yuck).
13. a little sicky boy (fever again with a cough, doctors tomorrow) playing on the Ipad. 
14. annnnnnd GLEE! My favorite show is on in 10 minutes. You like my nifty Glee paperweight. Yeah, someone special gifted me with that gem. Swoon. Gotta Go!


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