Sunday, October 30, 2011

on some thoughts...

I've hardly been very talkative lately. I feel like not much has been said. There's really no reason for it either. Sometimes I just get tucked up in my own head and lack the motivation to write. It's actually quite strange because I feel like in my head I am constantly writing. I'm always in there reciting things as they form inside my brain but then the whole process of me typing all of it down just fails. So here is my attempt to regurgitate all of my thoughts in no particular order.

In any case, life has been good. Well, sort of. I seriously don't understand why in the hell we got snow yesterday. Yes, you heard me right SNOW! And it's not even NOVEMBER yet?? Are you flipping kidding me people? All jokes aside, this is the last straw. Philadelphia is evil. Sorry everyone that I know and love here. But snow in October is absurd. Don't ruin my lovely Fall experience and bring snow along. No way.

I've been kept busy with working more hours this week than usual, a little boy who has been very chipper of late (not to mention he woke up at 6:40am yesterday wanting to play the new Batman game I bought his father), lots of laundry that has yet to be folded, and a do-to list a mile high. Long list short I've been busy. It might not sound busy to you but for this girl it is!

Speaking of work, Holidays are just around the corner and along with the Holiday cheer my anxiety starts to kick in. We've already received the Holiday hours, since we're in the mall they fluctuate a lot. And from now on until after New Years that little sheet with those hours will be my bible. I live it and breath it. From now on I'll be hiring and making up mock schedules and going bananas. But in the end after all the craziness I really enjoy the Holidays in the mall. Everyone is so happy :) Not to mention the tips are great. And yes, I am grinning ear to ear by the thought.

I'm finally at the half way mark in The Stand. Should I be embarrassed that it's taking me so long? I do know that I haven't been able to dedicate too much of my time to this book but seriously it starting to feel like I will never finish it. It's an amazing book though and I'm constantly reminded of how incredible Stephen King is, I mean, how in the heck can you come up with all of this stuff! It amazes me beyond belief. I will finish it...eventually.

I'm sure you all knowing Breaking Dawn will be here in no more than twenty days. Hurrah! In utter happiness of this event I am holding a Twilight Slumber Party at my house the weekend before the release. There will be popcorn, drinks, food, and vampire boys who sparkle I mean we'll be watching all of the Twilight Saga. Not to forget my Twilight trivia games :) I've been scheming this for a while now and even though just a few of my girls are coming over I am freakishly excited about. I'll even go to the lengths of kicking my boys out of the house. Mean Mommy. Don't worry they won't be kicked out onto the curb, they have a nice warm home to go to. As much as I would love to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight showing in reality I'm getting a bit old for it. Don't laugh. Being a mother and having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning just isn't as easy anymore. And the youngsters I find just end up pissing me off with their obnoxious giggling. So alas I will be going the week after were I'll be the only one in the world who hasn't seen the greatest movie ever made. I'm made my peace with it.

Yet again it's also time for my Holiday blues. I miss my family & friends from back home much more this time of year than ever. It can get hard some days. Lately I've been missing my little sister who by the way isn't so little anymore. I'm very proud of her for doing great in the hairdressing academy she is attending. She is excelling with such speed and is already coloring clients hair!! Plus I am totally jealous of her funky fun hair :)

Well, it's Sunday and Sebastian wouldn't have this zombie feeling mother to sleep in much today so I best be off and start on my chores of the day. Since the snow is still on the ground we won't be going much anywhere until the sun melts it all. Tomorrows Halloween and there's lots of fun to be had. Rest up everyone!!


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