Monday, October 17, 2011

on some pumpkin picking...

Sunday we took a drive to our favorite farm in Plumsteadville-- Hellrick Farms. Since Sebastian was born it has kind of become one of our little family traditions to go pick pumpkins & some fun. They set up the whole farm with tons of family activities from hayrides, corn mazes, potato sling-shots & rubber duck races. I was able to snap some really great photos and couldn't wait to share with with everyone :) 

 It warms my heart just looking at these pictures ♥ I love this time of year. Big thanks to my papa in law & madre in law for having Sebastian over and loving him beyond belief so my fellow and I could take a little breather. It was a busy yet fantastic weekend. And to think we have another one ahead of us. Count down to Kamptoberfest begins! Hurrah. 
Here is something cute to end your night with...I melt!
making an animated gif

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  1. looked like a fun time. I loved the pictures. The video is really cool.
    I saw many stems on those pumpkins!!