Friday, October 14, 2011

on some notables...

This week has finally got back into the groove of autumn. I was do a little jib happy with the fact that it was chilly enough that I got to put footsies pjs on Sebastian last night :) Oh the little things in life. Seeing him in those pjs made me smile ear to ear. There's something about that I can not explain! 

Tonight Bobby and I are having ourselves a date night. But not just a date night but a full on all night date night. Does that make sense? So remember, what feels like forever ago, when I went to a wedding expo and won a free nights stay at a Double Tree Hotel? Remember? Well we are finally putting use to that bad boy. For a while I was afraid I lost or misplaced the coupon because I wasn't sure where we (notice I said "we" because you know who said that I was the one that put it somewhere) put it. Low and behold it was in my night stand drawer that has way too much crap in it to start with. But hey, Bobby could of stuffed it in there too! The important thing is that we found it and now we are going out for a fun filled night on the town followed by a night at a hotel. Wink. Wink. I'm thinking movie & dinner. Then a trip to a haunted house and later we'll be meeting up with some friends who we rarely get to spend time with and maybe go downtown to hop some bars. And yes, there will be some drinking involved :) It will be epic. Sebastian of course will be with his Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop having a good 'ol time. 

Next weekend is our annual Kamptoberfest with Aunt Cheryl and her gang. We'll be heading to West Chester's KOP campground! During the summer we bought a shinny new tent from REI and we can hardly wait to put it up. Very classy. I can't wait for being in tents, outdoor wilderness, the smell of camp fire & 'smores, working on my photography and just being able to breath in that fresh air! Not to mention that the whole campground does a fun trick or treat bit for the kids. Kid's get dressed in their costumes, mine will be Woody, and then they go around the campground collecting candy from everyone. Cute huh?

October is a busy month! We have three birthdays. Little Danny, Sebastian's cousin will be four years old. I seriously can't believe it. It feels like my sister in law was just pregnant with him. Then a very special birthday for Lilly pie :) One year old little pumpkin. She is so full character and is super spoiled rotten. But we love her. Last the bro in law will be turning 22 who I swear just turned 21. But ahhh well, time just flies like it's nothing.

Sunday we'll be hitting up the pumpkin patch for some pumpkin picking, hayrides and a corn maze. I am in the market for a white pumpkin this year since I think they are the coolest things ever. I'll be the creepy lady who will be picking up pumpkin stems off the ground or I might even just brake them off unattractive pumpkins for a craft that the mother in law and I will be making. I've been meaning to get to the apple orchard too! I know, I know the list goes on. But really I want to pick apples and make apple pie. I've never made apple pie and honestly don't really care for it but I just want to bake it so I can do the criss-cross crust goodness :) 

And that's some notables. Xoxo

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