Tuesday, October 25, 2011

on some link love...

This adorable hat. On my list of things to buy off this whimsical etsy shop.

My new fun food blog that gives me lots of inspiration in my kitchen. I urge you to check it out!

Another etsy gem. This ring.

I want long hair just so I can do this to it! Seriously isn't it the cutest thing ever?!

Swooning over this camera bag. Camera bags have become my new obsession.

Loving Shelfari. Such a great way to organize and keep track of all books you intend to read or have read already! 

Is is wrong that I'm starting to create a liking to cowboy boots? I blame my son. I want these even if they are ridiculously priced and I would never buy them. 1. 2. & 3

This book that I bought for having some fun with Sebastian on these fall & winter months ahead.

Love our new favorite--Piatto Grille. Best calamari and wild mushroom pizza we've ever had! And seriously their mushroom ravioli's are to die for! Both Bobby and I think this restaurant has made our top 5. Mouth is watering, great. 

I heart how fabulous facebook can be for networking! If you are looking for a seasonal job I'm hiring over at my Saxbys shop. Email me!  

I am so going to make this DIY Triangle Bunting Necklace that Kaylah over at Dainty Squid has up on her darling blog. So cute!

These spooky Halloween adult beverages are crazy wicked. My favorite gals did a good job and I'm not going to lie that I'm surprised that they were still standing afterwards :) Love you girls!!

I've never made caramel apples before. After seeing these on the Pioneer Women I think it's about time!! Yumm-o!



  1. I cannot lie -- only Tea was completely standing. Holey moley. We sat down to view American Horror and I only mostly made it through without zonking out! And I love, love, love the hairstyle! Hey and have you checked out Hungryhappenings.com? Crazy fun holiday food site. I'm going to make one of her cheeseballs for a costume party at Jen's on Friday. Miss you HUGE baby!

  2. P.S. Try caramel pears -- my favorite!

  3. Ohhhhh caramel pears!! That's just wrong yet sooooo right :D