Tuesday, October 25, 2011

on Kamptoberfest 2011...

We had a nice time getting together with the crew. Here are some of my favorite pictures, since I did end up taking like 200 photos of Kamptoberfest 2011. Hurrah!
The weekend was full of sitting around the campfire, drinking lots of hot tea, painting & carving pumpkins, taking a beautiful canoe ride, lovely fall colors & hidden mushrooms, Woody the cowboy & his friends trick or treating, a pumpkin puking out it's guts (my favorite pumpkin I've ever did see!), a cowboy with some pretty hip moves, a sneaky boy getting caught eating candy in bed, and the grand finale-- pumpkin pinata smashing! It was cold and Saturday morning I was with out coffee for a short while, and we know that is noooo good! But all in all fun time and great memories made :) 
Oh by the way, fun fact for you, this was Aunt Cheryl and her gang's 15th year of Kamptoberfest! Unbelievable huh? I think stuff like that is so cool. All those memories and fun times to cherish over the years and revisit again each year :) 


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  1. I am so glad you are coming to start your own memories (year 2, yeah!) You guys definitely are a great addition to our group.