Saturday, October 01, 2011

on the first of october...

Today was the perfect day. After doing my normal chores around the house Sebastian and I packed up and headed out to our first Fall Festival at one of the community colleges. Bobby met us there after a few things he had to get done to one of our cars. A horsey ride was first up. Sebastian's first ever ride on a horse :)
I was standing behind calling Sebastian's name to get his attention for this very photo and the girl that was along side the horse asked me if that was Sebastian's name. My answer was of course, Duh! And she looked at me with a very gleeful expression and told me the horse's name is Sebastian too! How cool is that :)
He rode a very bumpy tracker train ride. Then got a Elmo balloon hat! Around 2pm we found ourselves standing, dancing and sitting watching The Cat's Pajamas singing and playing their instruments. Sebastian was having the time of his life! Not going to lie, I actually found myself dancing along to their very silly & interactive songs. The lead singer who seemed to be a older women was very animated with everything she did! By the time they were done the festival was drawing near to the end so we hitch a ride on the Hay Ride before we left for home.
 We left with a happy heart and a oh so tuckered out boy. I found this in the back seat after just leaving the festival. Out like a light.

What did you do on this first of October? 


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