Thursday, October 06, 2011

on a book club review...

Okay, so I'm a little belated with this review. Julee just last month had drummed up a nice little book club. It's fun so I joined even though Julee & the girls are all the way across the country I still feel special in participating and doing reviews on my blog. Alas these are my thoughts on our first book The End of Everything by Megan Abbott. However, if you have not yet read this book and would like to-- don't read this post. In efforts to be involved in my book clubbing duties this is my tool to reach out to my fellow members of the Chatty Chicks Culture Club (the club name). Spoilers.Spoilers.Spoilers beware!

The End of Everything is about a girl named Lizzie who is thirteen-years-old and whose best friend Evie disappears. Lizze who by the way is father-less becomes very close with Evies dad while they both set out to find clues and piece together the puzzle as to where Evie went to. Hmmm where did she go??

I really enjoyed this book however I'm not quite sure I actually understood what really went on towards the end. Did anyone else feel like Megan Abbott wasn't clear as to some very major details? I know that I totally thought that Evie's father was sexually abusing Evie's older sister & even maybe Evie (?). I mean, it was very obvious that Evie's sister and her father had a very bizarre sort of relationship. I feel like this whole weird sexual relationship with the father & older sister is what lead Evie to run away with creepy neighbor dude. Yes? No? And also that is why the mother is very withdrawn from the family. She gets no attention from the father and is also in on the whole gross stuff happening but doesn't really do anything about it. 

Help me out friends! I mean- the father was abusing them right? 

All in all I really loved the writing style and getting to peek into a thirteen-year-old's point of view, be that as it may the thoughts of Lizzie were a bit advanced for her age. But you never know! 

I would love to hear all the Chatty Chick comments below. It would warm my heart :) 



  1. You would have loved the discussions Anita because pretty much everyone felt the same way. It was a good book for book club because so much of it was inferred instead of just out right stated and then everyone had to decide what they thought.

  2. So not part of the club but read the book. What about the father always had to be the center of attention. He sought it out. He feed off of the attention and did everything to get it. The mother couldnt compete an faded. Also he ignored her once he had her. So he worked to get attention from everyone including daughters. Older sister gave him all this attention so she became his favorite. That was competition with younger sister. Father knew it an egged it on. To him the competition was good for his ego. Okay either that or he was sexually abusing them.

  3. Yes. That is great! I totally see that all being true. The whole sexual abuse things was just the thing that came to mind when reading the book. Weird?

  4. so i know author wanted to you to think either way, but she kind of left it hanging a little too much for me. i enjoyed the book but truthfully i think there is a fine line between leaving it vague to get people to think and making to too vague which sometimes just makes it seem like the author couldn't fully develop the story. i don't mind a book that develops many layers, but the author couldn't seem to do that.