Wednesday, October 12, 2011

on being far & thankful...

Sometimes it can get hard being so far away from some of the most important people to me. Both family & friends. Some days are harder than others. When I first moved out to Philly I never would of thought I would ever have these feelings. Oh no not me. I don't need anyone. I kept everyone in my back pocket. They were missed but they were still right there. Close enough. Now I feel like I'm lost at times. 

Sadness can take over and at times like that I just pick up my phone and dial the first person that my heart picks. I can't always do this without that gut wrenching ache. But most of the time after getting off the phone I feel good. I feel like that piece of me that was lost was whole again. Even if the phone call was only three minutes long, it still makes me smile. 
I can't help be so thankful for all things in my life. Nothing better than a gratitude list to end my day :)

I'm thankful for:
staying after working to chat with Ashley on typical girl stuff
Pinterest and all it's inspiration it gives me
brittany's performance of "Run the World" on last weeks Glee episode 
a little boy with such an imagination 
baby feet
a caring husband 
cute music video directed by Drew Barrymore
the sound of the rain beating on the roof
very loving in laws 
burgundy colored mums on my porch 
love is the answer to most questions in my heart


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  1. Great list! Proud of you. It's hard having two homes and you do good with balancing it all.