Friday, September 09, 2011

on who I am...

I am...

...currently without Internet access at home. We've been borrowing it from our elderly neighbors, with their permission of course, ever since we moved in :) They really are the cutest old couple I ever did see! They do yoga together on Tuesday & Thursdays. Come on! Yoga when your in your late 70's. Anyways, their Internet is not working and so in effect I'm not blogging. Ugh. I actually had to do a little creepy neighbor investigation to make sure those poor old folks were still ALIVE! Hey, you just never know. So I made cupcakes and brought them over (they are very much alive). Now, I didn't go on about their Internet not working because that would of been so darn rude. However, I'm not going to lie I wanted to! Bare with me. If it goes on for much long we are defiantly going to jump on the bandwagon and get some Internet but until I know for sure I'm going to be some what spotty with my posts. I know you are all wondering where I went too ;)

...still working on the book The Stand by Stephen King. But boy am I enjoying it. I'm not even half way yet but still I feel like I am so far into it. It's super dreadful and gives me the chills but I love it!

...sad that Borders is going out of business. There is one in the mall I work at and it's a shame to see it go (Monday being their last day). Mainly because I won't get to see the familiar faces of the people who work there anymore. They are all peaches and wish them the best!

...still in shock at how much water and flooding I've been seeing here in Philly. Craaazzzy! Yesterday I sat in my car for four hours! Yes, I repeat FOUR hours. Roads were closed left and right. This road flooded and that flooded. Very scary. I usually get into work at 8am and didn't arrive until 11:30am with a stiff back and a numb fanny. As much as it rains in Seattle I've never experienced anything like that in my life. I'm just thankful that we don't live in a house near any bodies of water!

...going to enjoy a four day weekend. Jumping with glee! I had to take an extra day off and am spending Monday going on a little adventure. I will most definitely let you all in on the happenings Monday night. Let's just say I am very exited and it's something to do with this lovely blog! Eeeep.

...tomorrow I'll get to be a witness to Bobby's cousin Zach getting the highest honor in Boy Scouting, Eagle Scout! Woohoo. Go Zach. I totally think it's awesome and I've been asked to be the photographer for this shindig. Fun.

...loving that Fall is in the air. It's seriously my favorite time of year. I've already starting brewing Pumpkin Spice coffee at work and not to forget the Pumpkin Muffins! Dear lord. Help me. Now I just need to stock up on some new scarfs. 

...proud of Sebastian for having great days at both schools he goes to. I never thought my three year old would have such a busy schedule but he is doing terrific and loving every minute of it. So blessed to have such a chipper and outgoing kid. Who by the way is all ready for Halloween. Can you guess what he is going to be? Yeah, I know. I thought it was going to be Spiderman or Superman or even Iron Man. But noooooo. He chose Woody! Funny how it works. Buzz last year and Woody the cowboy this year :) Ahh well. At least Momma is saving some money with this decision because cousin Danny was Woody last year. Hammy down costume is my friend. 

...missing my dad. Missing my sister. Missing my best friend. 

...happy that my shows are making their way back to me. It's been so long. Although I am sad to see True Blood leave me (like really sad!). Vampire Diaries and Glee plus I totally am going to check out Zooey Deschanel's new show New Girl. Am I the only one who has a lady crush on her??

...thanking you all for coming by my little corner I have here on the web. It's always a pleasure to have you :) 


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