Sunday, September 18, 2011

on some notables...

Today, I write from my bed on this fine Sunday evening. Today I woke up to the crisp chill air in the house, snuggled with my boys and didn't roll out of bed until literally Sebastian pushed my off the bed with a long & ear-piercing Mooooooommmm. I am thrilled that Fall is finally here! It's getting chilly in the mornings and nights. Hoodies, layers and scarfs are slowing creeping back upon us. And most of all I just can't wait until leaves turn colors. Fall is most defiantly my absolute favorite season. 

Tomorrow, Bobby and I will be celebrating our five year anniversary! Eeekk! Now that we are married I just didn't have the heart to totally abandon this tradition of celebrating September 19th 2006 when I flew all the way from Seattle to Philadelphia to meet what now is the man I married. It's still so crazy to think about. Most people might think it's silly but both Bobby and I will probably always do something special on that day for the rest of our lives. This year we are doing something that we've never done before and going out on a "day date". Since Sebastian has preschool tomorrow, we figured it would be fun to do something during the day instead of the usual going out in the evening. The day will consist of a mini photoshoot, a museum, romantic walks, many restaurants, window shopping and maybe a carriage ride (I've always wanted to do one with just us). We are going to hit up downtown and bounce around to several different cafes and restaurants to try out an assortment of goodies. I am super duper excited for all this food, especially since starting Tuesday I'm starting a new weight loss diet. Hold me. 

Lately I've been consumed with neighbor drama. We recently acquired a new neighbor who lives below us and to put it lightly she has become a pain in my tush. She is a single mother of a five year old kid and has been complaining and giving us a hard time ever since she moved. We walk too loud. We get up too early for her on the weekend ends and our walking wakes her up. Wah wah wah. In the end I think my landlord will evict her because she finds her as annoying as I do. I did however have a long pointless talked with her earlier this week and I'm proud to say that her ridiculous post-it notes (that are stuck on my front door with stupid complaints) have ceased. This is my first ever bad experience with a neighbor in an apartment. It sucks to say the least but hoping for the best! 

We are now owners of a nice luxurious tent from REI! We are attending the annual Kamptober Fest camping trip with Aunt Cheryl yet again this year. Starting early and gearing up for everything since we only have about a month. It will be loads of fun and a wee bit chilly since we are going towards the end of October. None the less, having adventures during the day and sitting by the fire at night is my kind of thing. I grew up camping and miss it terribly. Oh and don't forget the s'mores! 

Here's something I've failed to mention to all you peaches out there! Julee the owner of My Happy Life By The Bay, as I still squirm in my seat, gifted me with a trip to NYC to join many other women at the August 2012 BlogHer Conference! Queue the applause :) Best part of it all is Julee her self is flying down from Seattle to NYC to attend with me. Annnnd the even greatest part is she is bringing my bestie with her--TANYA! Ahhhhhh. Already counting down the days to see my two favorite ladies in the world. 

I've got a fun filled day ahead of me! I promise I'll share our day of adventures with you all. In the mean time enjoy these long bright sunny days because before you know it we will all be waking up in the dark. 


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  1. Hooray a post! Hope your anniversary was packed full of love and romance.