Thursday, September 01, 2011

on links I love v.1...

Why is it that today has me feeling like Fall has arrived! I know, we're still in the 80's here during the day but I just can't shake having the urge to drink pumpkin spice lattes with a pumpkin muffin on the side. It's finally back to being Autumn and I am do a little jig happy! September & October are both my most favorite fall months. September because well, Bobby and I will have been together for 5 years on the 19th!! I still can't believe that. And October because of Halloween :) So much fun to be had. I can hardly wait for all the festive fall baking I can get back to doing. Pumpkin pies or just really pumpkin anything & everything. Hurrah.
In light of Autumn being but a breath away here are some of my current favorite links I love. Happy September. 

First, have you seen my interview over at My Happy Life by the Bay? It was loads of fun :) 

I love this sweet little shop. Cute stuff. My favorite are these stamps

I think this view on having another child is intriguing. 

Wouldn't I look really great in this? With some tights and a cardigan. 

Keeping you and your family safe. Did you know there are Apps out there that do just that? Here is a great blog that shares five. Already downloaded a few on Bobby's Ipad :) 

Defiantly excited to make this recipe. One of my favorite soups.

Splitting family faces. Oh. My. God. You have to see this. Sort of creepy.

Lastly, some blogs that I am currently enjoying. One. Two. Three.


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