Monday, September 19, 2011

on five years...

Here is the photo of the day. It's a crack up :)

Yes, this is our joyous leap into five years. Today was fun but most of all it was just a nice day to our selves. We started the day out at Cafe L'aube. A small hole in the wall on South Street. I actually found this little cafe on, which by the way is an awesome source to use when searching for restaurants & their reviews. Bobby and I were sold when we read that they serve fancy french crepes! 

 Coffee was first to be ordered! After pondering the menu we both got right to ordering our crepes from a very pretty middle-aged french lady named Alexandra :) She was a gem, made our crepes with love and also wasn't shy when I asked to take a picture of her. Both of us picked a savory crepe. Bobby ordered the Classique: ham, cheese & mushrooms. and I had the Prefere: bacon, swiss cheese & leeks. Although on the plate it looked like nothing at all I assure you the aroma and taste was nothing you would of imagined. It filled both of us to the brim. I hope to visit again and soon!!

Next we head over to the Philadelphia Art Museum. We were bummed to find out earlier this week that the museum is closed on Mondays. Even so we still wanted to walk up those famous steps and just have a gander at the area. In the end we had more fun than we intended :) 

 Before lunch I dragged Bobby to the one place I absolutely had to stop into-- Anthropologie! It's as marvelous as I imagined. I was drooling over so many beautiful things. That store is even better than online.
Lunch was a recommendation from a co-worker of the MIL's. Parc in Rittenhouse Square. It turned out it was a very happenin' place!
 The menu had an assortment of fancy & casual foods. Today we went with casual and simple sandwiches. I got the Chicken Cobb and Bobby got the Cheeseburger. Food was great. People were nice. The structure itself had me giddy with all it's vintage french furniture and lighting. Very chic.
That was our day. I have a happy heart. And so thankful for this day five years ago for it turned into something that I can't imagine being without. A man who means the world to me, treats me like a queen and most of all the best father.


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