Tuesday, August 23, 2011

on some bowling & gifts...

I can't remember the last time I went bowling. It was seriously so much fun! We played on teams since we had only one lane. And the teams were made up of two-three players. I was with Bobby and we all paired off. Sebastian was paired with his little cousin Danny, and they loved it just as much the adults. Mom brought some things to snack on while we bowled. Speaking of Mom, who just had surgery on her right hand, was a trooper and bowled with us. She's a lefty so it worked out :) Here are some pictures of our time. Pay close attention to what Sebastian was using to bowl with, something I never seen before until then!!
When we were done with our two games we headed back to mom & dad's house for dinner, presents & cake. Bobby and I picked up some pizza on the way. I chose spinach & mushroom, a plain and buffalo chicken. Yumm!  I really couldn't of asked for a better day. My birthday was full of happiness and fun, two things I love the most. Not to mention spending it with a great bunch of people who spoiled me! 


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  1. Bowling was a lot of fun!
    It was a very nice time
    Great Pictures