Tuesday, August 02, 2011

on our day in photos...

I stayed home today to be with Sebastian. It looks like Tuesdays from now on will be my stay at home day. We decided that I should have an extra day home to get caught up on things. Plus starting at the end of August Sebastian will be starting another preschool to help with his speech development. And since that will be just on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be home Tuesdays in order to eliminate him having to go to aftercare. It's easier and cheaper and I get more time around our place & with Sebastian. Win, win! So, today was my first Tuesday home and this is what it looked like...
Morning coffee with cinnamon toast.
Organized toys yet again because yes, this boy makes a mess in less than a minute. Like our new bins? :) Mother and Papa in law got it for me errrr I mean Sebastian :) 
Dear Bissell, I heart you. You make my carpet clean. 
Sebastian and I did Spiderman puzzles.
Does anyone else do this? Or am I just a dork. After every birthday party I save all gift bags, boxes and tissue paper so that I can reuse them at a later time. All the gift bags that had the gifts we got Sebastian were recycled from last year! Don't judge me! Now why in the heck would I throw these away!
Then we had to take a potty break...a very looooong potty break if you know what I mean ;) 
Momma grabbed a shower after all the cleaning was done.
And then we headed outside to play.
We played with just about all our outdoor toys!
Can you see my tan line on my forehead? Yep, that's from my bandanna I wore at Dorney park. Go ahead tease me. Not like I haven't heard it all already. 
We had lunch.
My little monster went down for a nap and Momma got to catch up on some movies.
And she got to do this Nail Tutorial found at Dainty Squid. It was fun.
We decided that tonight it was breakfast for dinner. Sebastian chose cinnamon waffles and I Quakers Oatmeal Square cereal. Yummm!
Sebastian took a bath, got in his new PJs and watched Despicable Me in his room. Not to forget the dog piling into all his stuffed animals that he as to do every night. Joy. It's the best...
Sebastian's Spidey nighty light. 
Right before bed we cuddle. 
Sebastian picked out a book to read. We read the story together, kissed each other goodnight and he was fast asleep before I could say Chuga-Chuga Choo-Choo!
I end my night here on my laptop indulging in a Nutella & Go snack pack. Comes with some nutella and little biscuit sticks to dip. Sort of like Pocky if you've ever had those. And I'm not even ashamed that I pretty much licked all the nutella out after I ran out of my sticks. I wasn't going to throw that sweet stuff away. I had to lick it clean :) 


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