Thursday, August 04, 2011

on my happiness...

It's really amazing how we get where we are in life. Some days I hardly can believe that I'm married and have a three year old child and really am just in the prime of life. I have so much ahead of me yet I have so much already. Funny how it all works.

Growing up I thought I'd be a doctor or lawyer or just shave my head and join the Army, after I gave up on the first two. And yet now when I think of those things that I thought I wanted to do or be it seems all wrong. I've always been a dreamer. I've thought up about a million different things I want to do in life. Things I want to be or skills I want to have and yet where I'm at now just fits. Yes, I don't want to manage a coffee shop for the rest of my life but right now it's bringing me closer to the dream that I'm reaching for. There's been many times were I'll get myself into a funk and think man I want more to my life or I feel stuck. It's when these thoughts coming rushing in I look in the mirror and see all the many things I've done the several years that have past.

I moved many states away from all that was familiar to me. Far away from my family & friends. From my whole life to start a new adventure. It was a choice that I made purely for myself. A risk that I took merely on a feeling that I had, that told me it was something I just had to do. There was a reason I was meant to do this. And now I know why. Because this person that I moved states across for was meant to be my husband and we were meant to bring a child into this world and make a happy life for us. More and more I recognize that I am actually a person that is happy with being simply a mother & housewife and whatever else that just brings me delight. And that if those things are what makes me a happy camper it doesn't make me any less purposeful than a person who has six years of college under their belt.

Don't let society tell you what your happiness should be. Happiness is what you want. And for me it's living in my anique apartment with toys covering the ground, being a momma and a wife to boys that I adore, and living life day to day and seeing what it brings next!


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