Thursday, August 18, 2011

on a list of gratefulness...

I snagged this little idea via Something Sweet. I think I was due for a list of grateful things in my life. I truly believe that it is very important to look at all the good we have. I've ran into some pretty sad stories this week, ones that make my heart heavy. Life is bitter sweet and we have to hold on to what we have because tomorrow is unknown. Life is unknown. Not to be too cryptic but I always make a point to give a tender kiss on Sebastian's toasty cheeks before I head to work or run my hands through Bobby's hair when he is sleeping and doing that makes me happy to walk out that front door and enter the world.

Currently I am oh so thankful for...

supportive friends and family who inspire me and push me do great in life.
my father that is proud of me every single day
taking a walk with Sebastian and him saying "Hi" to every stranger we come across & bringing a smile to their faces
hot cup of tea with lots of lemon
a co-worker/friend who I can share everything with
an extra day to do some crafts
devouring really great books
planning a fun adventure for next summer
Bobby, and everything he does for us
waking up to a bright sunny morning
a delicious burrito after a rough day of work
the pumpkin season right around the corner
rekindling lost friendships

What are you grateful for? Take the time to appreciate what you have.


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