Tuesday, August 23, 2011

on a few good things...

Today I was home with Sebastian. I had a list two miles long of to-dos that I am pleased to say I got done. Speaking of things getting done, have you seen my new improvements to this here blog? Sarah, the lovely gal who designed my blog created some nifty buttons over on the right side under my picture. I am currently working on adding the content-- Coming soon! Oh and doesn't my blog feel nice and roomy?! Sarah made my blog wider which will let you & I enjoy much bigger photos! Eeeeeep! So excited for this. Bigger photos equal prettier photos. I guess this would be the best time to show of some photos of our day today.
 By the way, guess what I used to take these photos? Come on, guess! 
My new 50mm lens that Bobby got me for my birthday :) It's currently my precious and has been on my camera since Sunday. It defiantly will take some getting used to but I'm loving the adventure and boy am I loving the photos it snaps. I mean, just look at the picture of Sebastian sleeping. So crisp and bright and super cute. He was napping in the photo and actually ended up sleeping right through the 5.8 magnitude earthquake (his first earthquake). Actually Bobby was sleeping in our room since he working all last night and he slept through it too!! This is sort of funny because once he woke up and I told him that we had an earthquake he wouldn't believe me. Then he told me he has never felt an earthquake either and I couldn't believe him. I guess because I think I've felt quite a few back in Seattle when I was younger. So anyways my boys slept through their first earthquake like it was nothing were as I was running into their rooms making sure the ceiling wasn't going to drop on their heads (because you know we live in an antique). Well, that was my day! Hope yours was peachy.

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