Friday, August 12, 2011

on a beach day part 2...

After jet ski fun we headed back to the house so Sebastian could get in a nap. He was already on the verge of falling asleep in the car and you know if your a parent that is the worst thing ever! Falling asleep in the car means waking up when you get home and most of the time means no going down for a nap in a bed. This time we got home and Mom-Mom took him right into bed and was fast asleep right when that little head of his hit the pillow. That's when I took some of these photos of our cute beach house, my favorite touches inside.
While Sebastian's napping this is what we do. Lay around and Bobby plays around with his Ipad and I blog. 
Not sure why but the denim couch and then the ascent denim curtains are my utmost favorite thing in the house! Odd, I know. 
I just had to pose in front of these shower curtains. They scream you're at the shore be happy!
Yes, I took a picture of soap. Sea Mineral. Now this makes my hands happy.
After a 3 hour nap. GO ME! We walked a sort way to the beach. I've never been to Ocean City before and I am loving the beach house. The short walk to the beach is such a treat. 
The beach was for splashing in the water, standing guard, riding the waves, breathing that salty sea breeze, sunbathing, reading our books, finding sea critters and being together. Togetherness is what makes this mini vacation the best for me. Being a young mother and growing up the way I did it's tremendously important that I raise my son to love and appreciate the simple things in life. Whether it's watching the seagulls hover in the air for more than a minute without moving or feeling that breeze hit your face and have every inch of your body relax. I want him to enjoy the small things because sometimes that all we have. I want him to see the beauty in all that's around him and make his heart & soul sing. 

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