Friday, August 12, 2011

on a beach day part 1...

I couldn't of asked for a more wonderful day yesterday. I am sitting at the breakfast bar with a coffee in my hand. I had planned to share my day last night but wouldn't you believe that as soon as I hit our bed air mattress I was out like a light. All because of the glorious day we had.
First the morning started out with waffling making. I brought my beautiful waffles maker and mom did too. 
Mom added blueberries into her waffles :) Bobby was in heaven!
Mom ate one of my lemon poppy muffins.
My breakfast consisted of toast with Laughing Cow cheese spread onto it. My current favorite. Might be weird to most that I eat this for breakfast (since Bobby's sisters thought so) but I like it :)
I cannot go anywhere without representing!
After breakfast we took a drive to Beasley's Point as a family to go rent Jet Skiis.
Sebastian was first in the water. My little water man. He was made to be in the water! 
All of us watched a video of safety when driving a Jet Skii. I can almost say Bobby & maybe Aunt Cheryl were the only ones pay any attention!
Sebastian had the time of his life!
Jet Skiing was the a good time. We rented two of them for an hour and all of us got turns driving and being passengers. Plus we all got to switch up with different people. My favorite was with my sisters Britt & Nicole. All three of us rode together once with Britt driving and once with Nicole. Let's just say those girls are crazy! Annnd let's just say I almost just about flew off the jet ski a few times!! So much fun. 

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