Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on how I stay organized...

I've always been a very organized person. Honest. Ask my dad. My room was always tidy and everything had it's spot. Well, now ever since I've become a momma that organization as amped up quite a bit. Maybe you can say slightly obsessive. Hey, it works. I think it's very important to stay organized when being a mother especially a working one. The trick for me is lists and more lists and notes to myself about everything. Heck, there's been times when I email myself a reminder. Or sometimes I end up leaving super cryptic post-it notes laying around and don't even have a clue what it means the next day! (did I mention I adore post-its). So, here's a peep at how I stay organized...
First I just want to say that in exception of my agenda (that I got from Borders) everything that is shown above I got from Target! I love Target for getting organized, it the place to go. The dry erase calendar is the newest out of the bunch. The past couple of months I have been feeling like a total maniac. Tons of things going on with Sebastian's two schools on different days, Bobby's crazy work schedule and also all the family events that have been going on. It can get to be a lot. Also there are some days (especially when Bobby is working nights) that Bobby and I only see each other about an hour. It can get tough trying to go through things that we need to discuss in that hour. On the calendar I have everything written down. Color coded and easy to read. This way it's accessible to both Bobby and I and if need be we just add things as days go along. It's nice. It's made my job a little easier. Not to forget that it's a great tool for us wives out there. Like I said, I write it all down. So there's very but hun you never told me to do that! UMMM yes I did..seeeeee! As I point at the calendar. Proof. It's a lovely thing ;) 

The grocery list, same deal. Available to both of us. Makes my job easier. As we run out of things, on the grocery list it goes! Piece of pie. Bobby is wonderful at doing this! I am very picky when it comes to grocery lists. I have to have everything in categories. Mind you this list is only the list of things not to forget/things we run out of. At the end of the week I construct my own list on my own sheet with all my categories placed in a way that suits the way I shop. Yes, I shop in a certain way. I start with the veggies and work my way around. Okay, now I am totally sounding compulsive. 

I have three main notebooks. The top one is my agenda. That's where I keep on my important dates/reminders. The second notebook is strictly for work. I don't care for mixing work with home things so I always keep that separate otherwise it can get a little chaotic. Last notebook is my blog brainstorming book (my favorite). I write down thoughts, ideas and future blog post creations. It's what I like to use to keep my magical juices flowing for this lovely blog and, so you dear peaches don't get too bored! 

What sort of tools do you use to keep organized? 


Monday, August 29, 2011

on meatless monday & school...

Today's meatless Monday brought to you by...just kidding. So, I was in the mood for some grilled cheese today. I guess that qualifies as meatless! I seriously have never whipped up a grilled cheese as fast as I can now with my panini press. Best grilled cheese ever. All toasted & cheese evenly melted, yumm!
Why do I have ranch in my photo? Because I dip my grilled cheese into ranch! Why, what's wrong with that?!! I love crusty bread as much as the next person but I'm a sucker for whole wheat oat nut bread as well. Ooey gooey cheesy goodness. 

This little boy, in his skivvies, is starting his first day of his speech school tomorrow. He will be going Tuesday & Thursday for a few hours from now on. I'm nervous (for no particular reason). I know he will do great because he has come so far in this last year and I'm so excited to see him go even further in the next! I mean, look at that devilish grin :) It's destined for greatness! Plus in a couple of weeks he will be riding a bus to this school. Welp! Hold me. 


Sunday, August 28, 2011

on bits + pieces...

Bits + pieces. 

Photo one: mornings first cup of piping hot coffee.
Photo two: listening to my favorite radio station while cleaning the apartment.
Photo three: eggs benedict for breakfast. 
Photo four: my new button down flannel, a lovely gift from Ashley. Thanks!
Photo five: darling kitchen aid. 
Photo six: to die for oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies. 
Photo seven: a very lazy cat.
Photo eight: daddy set up the choo-choo train set. 
Photo nine: play time.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

on a mother's wall of art...

One of the joys of being a mother is all the art work I get :) Sebastian is quite the artist. 
I have an assortment of Woody's in all sorts of colors :) Sebastian brings home lots of fun arts and crafts from school that I get to keep. I love searching his cubby at school to find all the treasures. Oh, let's not forget the lovely art on my white walls. I have a special box I keep every single piece of paper or craft forever. I love the thought of showing him when he gets older or his future kids, my grandkids eeepp! It's crazy to think about :) 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

on what's for dinner tonight...

Mushroom & Pea Pan-Fried Gnocchi. I got this recipe of HelloGiggles. One of my new favorite blogs. If you haven't heard of it I urge you to take a gander. One word. Founded by Zooey Deschanel! Okay, that was like four words. But you get the point. It's on my favorites and I have to visit it everyday. What are you cooking in that kitchen of yours?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

on a few good things...

Today I was home with Sebastian. I had a list two miles long of to-dos that I am pleased to say I got done. Speaking of things getting done, have you seen my new improvements to this here blog? Sarah, the lovely gal who designed my blog created some nifty buttons over on the right side under my picture. I am currently working on adding the content-- Coming soon! Oh and doesn't my blog feel nice and roomy?! Sarah made my blog wider which will let you & I enjoy much bigger photos! Eeeeeep! So excited for this. Bigger photos equal prettier photos. I guess this would be the best time to show of some photos of our day today.
 By the way, guess what I used to take these photos? Come on, guess! 
My new 50mm lens that Bobby got me for my birthday :) It's currently my precious and has been on my camera since Sunday. It defiantly will take some getting used to but I'm loving the adventure and boy am I loving the photos it snaps. I mean, just look at the picture of Sebastian sleeping. So crisp and bright and super cute. He was napping in the photo and actually ended up sleeping right through the 5.8 magnitude earthquake (his first earthquake). Actually Bobby was sleeping in our room since he working all last night and he slept through it too!! This is sort of funny because once he woke up and I told him that we had an earthquake he wouldn't believe me. Then he told me he has never felt an earthquake either and I couldn't believe him. I guess because I think I've felt quite a few back in Seattle when I was younger. So anyways my boys slept through their first earthquake like it was nothing were as I was running into their rooms making sure the ceiling wasn't going to drop on their heads (because you know we live in an antique). Well, that was my day! Hope yours was peachy.

on some bowling & gifts...

I can't remember the last time I went bowling. It was seriously so much fun! We played on teams since we had only one lane. And the teams were made up of two-three players. I was with Bobby and we all paired off. Sebastian was paired with his little cousin Danny, and they loved it just as much the adults. Mom brought some things to snack on while we bowled. Speaking of Mom, who just had surgery on her right hand, was a trooper and bowled with us. She's a lefty so it worked out :) Here are some pictures of our time. Pay close attention to what Sebastian was using to bowl with, something I never seen before until then!!
When we were done with our two games we headed back to mom & dad's house for dinner, presents & cake. Bobby and I picked up some pizza on the way. I chose spinach & mushroom, a plain and buffalo chicken. Yumm!  I really couldn't of asked for a better day. My birthday was full of happiness and fun, two things I love the most. Not to mention spending it with a great bunch of people who spoiled me!